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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

• Name: Eddie
• Name Meaning: Wealth protector
• Alias: Weddie, Teddie, Poppa
• Join date: 7-21-2008 Other account got hacked >.<
• DOB: July 5 '94
• Age: 17
• Birthplace: Chicago
• Location: Lake Villa
• Sex: Male
• Race*: Mexican, Peurto Rican, Italian
• Ethnicity*: Hispanic/Caucasian
• Status: I'm a single pringle
• Orientation: Stright
• Occupation: None currently
• Grade: Senior
• Family: Step-Dad, Mom, Little Brother
• Pets: 1 Dog, 1 Cat

• Height: 5' 5''
• Weight: N/A
• Shoe Size: 7
• Eye Color: Brown
• Hair Color: Black
• Piercings: N/A
• Tattoos: N/A

• Color: Black, Red, Grey, Crimson
• Number: Depends on what mood I'm in
• Animal: Huskies
• Pokιmon: Absol, Haxorus
• Flower: Deadly Nightshade
• Food: Anything Italian
• Candy: Reese's
• Restaurant: Red Robin's YUM!

• Movie: Final Destination series, Resident Evil series
• Movie Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Dark Humor
• Animated Series: Invader Zim, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
• Non-animated TV Series: My Life as Liz
• Anime: Bleach, Death Note, Anything Miyazaki, Code Geass
• Comedian: Bo Burnham
• Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp
• Video Game: Halo, Wet, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona
• Console: Xbox 360, 3DS, DS
• Singer: Oliver Sykes, Mike Hranica
• Band: Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Alesana, Close to Home, Eyes Set to Kill, August Burns Red
• Song: Nothing Last Forever -Close to Home
• Favorite Music Genre: All metal, Alt, Classic Rock
• Album: Constellations, August Burns Red

RANDOM: (Also Favorites)
• Character: Columbus- Zombieland
• Quote: "You ever read the book 'She's Just Not That Into You'?" -Zombieland
• Book: Harry Potter
• Clothing Brand: I don't care
• Season: Winter
• Day of the Week: Saturday
• Month: July
• Sport to play/watch: Meh
• Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Italian
• Places traveled: Mexico, California, Peurto Rico, Florida, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, England
• Hobbies: Writing stories, Music
• Tags/Keywords: MUSIC

• MySpace: I don't even use his anymore but k.
• Facebook: Eddie Tapia (Eddiesaur TheBulbasaur), Personal: Eddie Beyourownhero Tapia BOTH ARE DEACTIVATED FOR THE TIME BEING
• twitter: EddieVsTheWorld
• AIM: N/A
• MSN:
• IGQ: N/A
• Skype: eddiebeyourownhero
• DeviantArt: N/A


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