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I sat in my chair thinking, about the park and about the pokemon that lived there. It was my first day as a ranger and i was waiting for my trainer to arrive so i could take him through the park . It was the first time i was allowed to take somebody through the park alone. i had taken people through the park before but that was always with another ranger watching over me, but now that was all over it was my time to shine.

i opened a white box that was sitting on my desk, there where many pokeballs in there. each one having a small picture of the pokemon inside. ''i guess ill pick you'' i said as i picked up a red and white ball with a picture of a rhyperior on it.

I looked at the clock, 5:02, it said. ''Where is he'' ''he is 2 minutes late'' I said to the white wall. as i impatiently waited for him to arrive.
Name: Owen Sound
Location: Mt. Oktori
Total Money: 4500
Total Items: x2 Parkball, x2 Hyperball

Pokemon Stats (List your Pokemon Stats)

Pokemon: Weavile
Nickname: Snicks
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Gentle

Pokemon: Camerupt
Nickname: Numa
Gender: Female
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Calm

encounters: 15 remaining

BlueJelloJelly (21:16:43): Alex walked into the woods with his trusty Magikarp. Suddenly, OMFG a Porygon-Z appeared! Magikarp used Splash! The Porygon-Z fainted! Alex threw a Pogeyballz and it wobbled like two Diglett at a night club.
lord khajmer (20:38:29): Bubble KO gg

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