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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Saundra Blake
Meteor Valley

I smiled my thanks at Brisbane as he led Drowzee to a rock near the pool, then faced Absol. I quickly ran through my options as I eyed the canine; Ripper would have the best type advantage, but he’d already faced off with a couple of Pokemon today and deserved to sit out for the rest of the visit. Jess wasn’t really in the condition for another tough battle so soon after her last one, and even if she were at full strength it would have been stupid to send her against something like an Absol. Shade, my Gengar, would be at a disadvantage type-wise, but he could easily make up for that with his large repertoire of moves and his ability to become incorporeal. And finally there was Seagem, my Dragonite. A bulky creature capable of speed and agility that surprised people who didn’t work closely with one, a Dragonite could take as good as it gave, and it could give a hell of a lot.

Decided, I pulled Seagem’s Ball out and released her in a blast of white light. The tall, tan-orange scaled Dragon flapped her small wings upon materializing, looking glad to be out of her Ball for a time. She waved her cream antenna and flexed her muscular arms, swishing her heavy tail as she took in the area. When she spotted Absol, her muzzle broke into a devious smile. She glanced back at me for confirmation of a battle and I nodded at her.

“We’ve got ourselves a battle to win,” I told her, watching as she laced her claws together and stretched her arms out, popping the joints. She then dropped her arms and stared at Absol, waiting for her first orders. “Let’s start off with something simple,” I said after taking stock our surroundings. “Use your speed to zip past Absol and throw it into the pool. As it’s climbing out, increase your stats with a Dragon Dance, and finally, follow up with Thunder Wave. You know where to aim it. After that, we’ll wear it down battling your way.”

Seagem nodded, apparently satisfied, and pumped her wings. The Dragonite was a sassy thing, always wanting to show off and be the center of attention. That kind of attitude made battling with her difficult at times, so we’d come to a compromise. I would give her a few attacks to do without flair or style, and after that we’d switch to flamboyant battling that would let her show off as much as she pleased. It didn’t hurt when her “normal” attacks let her show off to begin with, either.

After working up enough momentum, Seagem took to the air. It was a ridiculous sight, something so large and ungainly flying on such tiny wings. A Dragonite could move faster than an angry Seviper, though, in spite of their mass and small wings. Seagem, being the attention-hog she was, spiraled in tight circles to build up speed, then shot towards Absol like a giant scaly arrow. Instead of striking the other, though, she rocketed by him. The suction of displaced air should be more than strong enough to fling Absol the several feet between it and the pool.

Without missing a beat or stopping to see if the first part of our plan worked, Seagem dove into the next part of her combo. She angled her body upwards and spun several times, then threw her wings open and gracefully arched, falling back towards the earth. She spiraled coming down, twisted her body at the last moment, and gave her wings a mighty beat before landing on a single paw, her other leg still in the air. Arms out for balance, the Dragonite pirouetted, raising her arms over her head and bringing her other paw down. Firmly grounded, she folded her wings and executed a showy bow, tendrils of red-blue energy arching over her form. The dance had allowed her to tap into the primal draconic energy within her body, suffusing her being with it to increase her strength and speed.

Twirling to face the lake, Seagem prepared the final move. A Dragonite’s antenna were used to draw static electricity from its body, storing it and making it available for Electric attacks. This was a secondary trait, though, the first being to keep the electricity from overloading the Pokemon’s muscles during long bouts of flying. Aiming them at Absol, Seagem rubbed them together to prime the energy, then waited. She wasn’t looking to hit Absol with the attack, but rather his water trail. Absol have very thick fur, which can hold much more water than one would first think. Even after shaking, they tended to leave giant puddles wherever they went for a good ten minutes. The trick was to catch Absol off-guard by hitting the water he dripped with the Thunder Wave. It would travel through the water he trailed and hit him, and he wouldn’t expect it coming. Unless, of course, he happened to glimpse that moment of the future, but it was a very slim possibility.


OOC: Absol = male, btw ^^.
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