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Default Re: Indiviual RP: Lunar Wing

((OOC: I forgot to tell you but I have now $2.000 ))

The pink Pokémon moved out of sight as Luna and 'her' Ranger, as she called him, moved on. The bushes and vines disappeared as they entered the third maze of this night. Wondering and amazed Luna looked around. How many of these mazes would there be? This one is even more beautiful then the last one. She thought astonished. Also Yue seemed to like this place as they walked over the marble tiles that blinked in the moonlight. Maybe it was of this light that Yue liked this so much or maybe it where the tree's that made it look like they were in a forest never the less her head was lifted and her red eyes looked carefully around.

Luna listened to Marth as he explained more about the maze and waited eagerly for them to come to the middle. A Moon Stone Shine. She wondered what it would look like and wished that they could walk faster or that she could run on front but she knew that this was impossible and not very nice towards the Ranger. She made a small sigh.

Then they came by the end of the road and eagerly Luna looked, narrowing her eyes but the only this she saw was the places where they had started. She could see there footsteps in the cold snow; the Rangers big ones, her smaller ones, the small legs from Yue and the footprints from Luke. She frowned and looked up to Marth who also seemed disorientated.

Suddenly an evil laughter speaded through the air. Yue's ears twitched and immidiatly Luna was on guard. She looked around but saw nothing until Luke used Foresight. The blue beam revieled two purple hand that floated in the air.

Luna breathed in. This was not a simple Mime Jr. or a cute Poochyena, this was a Pokémon that had already evolved and so was stronger and fiercer then the others. It was an Haunter.

She glanced to Yue who had her red eyes fixed on the purple gas Pokémon and smiled. "What about we challenge this fellow to a match?" She said smiling. Yue looked to Luna and seemed to nod with her little black head as she walked towards the Haunter.

Luna glanced once at her Ranger and then fixed her eyes on Yue. "All right start of with a Mean Look and then a Confuse Ray." She said.

Yue's eyes began to glow and started to send out a light pink light towards the Haunter, ((like this)) with the intention the trap the Pokémon so that he couldn't disappear so easely. Then her eyes changed and they began to glow a faint purple a purple lights engulfed her body. Making it look scary and a bit evil. After a few seconds Yue released the beam and the purple light speeded towards the Haunter, hoping for a confusion.
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