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Thumbs up Craig vs. Magikarp! [READY FOR GRADE]

“Step right up! Buy a Magikarp and unlock its power onto your friend’s Pokémon!” said an old hairless Asian man who stood to be about 4 foot. There beside him was tank full of Magikarp and a wooden sign above it saying “Ride the Magikarp” in red old English letters. “Every time we past this guy I keep thinking, Is this guy for real?” Jordan said out loud, not caring if the short sales man heard us. Jordan and I have been friends seen the first day of high school, we have been threw the good and the bad together. “Shut up! You most likely hurt the old guy’s feelings!” Jordan’s girlfriend said smacking his blond head. “You know what we could do? We should buy a Magikarp, train it really hard and we could ride them to the other side of the lake!” Jordan said walking backwards rubbing his beard. “Or I could just fly there on my Charizard” I said putting my arms around Jordan and his girlfriend. “I like Craig’s idea” Jordan’s brown haired girlfriend said going into her purse looking for her keys. “This is my stop” Jordan’s girlfriend said after giving him a big kiss. “Why aren’t you hanging out with her?” I asked walking down the street. “Were meeting up later at the lake to go fishing, want to join us after supper?” Jordan asked lighting his cigarette with his gray Zippo. “Sure why not” I said as Jordan just walked threw his door.
Carrot, steak and potatoes! That was my most favorite meal I had in a while. I look at my iPhone to check my text messages. “Are you coming? We are already here!” the text read. “Dad, I’m going out, I’ll be back later” I yelled up the stairs as I took some extra Pokéballs in my purple fanny pack. “What is the fastest way to the lake?” I asked my self. Then the thought hit me as I walked out my door. “Charizard, give me a ride to the lake!” I said as Charizard came out of his Pokéball. “Let’s go!”
“What took you so long?” Jordan yelled into the air as I flew by on Charizard’s back. “I had to pick up a fishing rod at the store” I said as Charizard slowly landed on the old dock. “Remind me to have a battle with you later” Jordan said throwing his rod into the water. “How long have you been here?” I asked as I sat down next to them. “For about an hour” Julie said lighting up another cigarette. I look at the bait that Jordan brought and put some on my hook. “What have you caught so far?” I asked as I threw in my rod to the clear lake. “I fought a Magikarp, Magikarp and wait for it… A MAGIKARP!!!” Jordan laughed. “Pretty sure Jordan wasn’t paying attention to the rod” Julie said winking at me. “I’m guessing you guys were making out the whole” I laughed. Suddenly I felt a pull on my rod. “I bet 50 dollars on it being Magikarp!” Jordan joked. I reel in slowly. “It might be Manaphy!” Julie joked. I reel in a little bit faster. “If it’s a Magikarp, are you going to capture it?” Jordan asked with a cigarette in his mouth. “Depends on how much of a fight the little bugger puts up” I said pulling on my rod forcing the Pokémon out of the water. “Magikarp! Magikarp!” the Pokémon said over and over again well splashing on the dock with a hook in its mouth. “What Pokémon should I send out?” I joked. “You should take Magikarp onto the land if you’re going to battle it” Julie said, pointing to the grass behind us. I reel up the rod to the max and carry the Magikarp to the grassy area. “I’m going to make this fast” I said as I sent out King, my Nidoking out to battle. As I take out the hook, Jordan takes a picture on his cell phone. “What was that for?” I asked. “Facebook, everyone is going to laugh” Jordan said laughing. “King use tackle” I commanded to the huge purple Pokémon. King started to charge at Magikarp with at ease face. “Magikarp!” Magikarp said as it went flying into the trunk of a tree on contact with King. “Magikarp isn’t ready to be capture yet” Julie said. “You think I don’t know that already? I have more Pokémon then you!” I said not paying attention to Magikarp. “Looks like Magikarp is going to make a move!” Jordan joked. I look at Magikarp as it starts to jump back and forth. “King, finish Magikarp off with a double kick” I yelled as I got the Pokéball ready to capture Magikarp. “MAGIKARP” the little fish Pokémon screamed as it went flying straight into the air on impact with King’s feet. As Magikarp slowly fell, Jordan gave me a funny look as if he thought I was an idiot for trying to capture Magikarp. When Magikarp landed, it stopped moving. “Great, you killed it” Julie laughed. “No I didn’t” I said as I through the red and white ball towards Magikarp, sucking the Pokémon inside.


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