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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

"Great work, Togekiss! Return!" I shouted, as I tightly grasped its Pokeball in my right hand and lunged it at the bird.

"Take a rest," I said to its the ball. I shoved it deep into my pocket, and quickly exchanged for another.

"Come on out, Spiritomb!" I shouted into the sky. Out came a bright light, and a ghouly Pokemon emerged from it. I knew I was at a slight advantage, considering it's unique typing, and Gastly's current condition.

"Use Calm Mind!" I commanded the demon. Spiritomb acknowledged my order, and tightly shut its eyes. Purple rings formed a foot away from Spiritomb's body, but still encircled it. Each ring drew closer into its body, as it started to glow a bright aura around it.

"Keep it up," I whispered. I was trying to buy time for Gastly to drift asleep, almost completely sure of myself that it'd give me a bigger chance of catching it.
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