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Why Ditto transforms

One day a purple jelly Pokemon was making its way through a forest. It’s name was Ditto. It had no special attacks, it was a Pokemon that only knew Tackle, but couldn’t perform the move well, because of its jelly-like body. All the Pokemon made fun of him. So, he decided to talk to Arceus. He spent hours and hours travelling the regions. After two weeks he was worn out. He had made it from his home in Kanto all the way to Mount Coronet in Sinnoh, which was an accomplishment for a jelly Pokemon. “Arceus,” He spoke. “Please change me, I don’t like how I am a Pokemon who does nothing.”

Arceus didn’t reply.

Ditto waited. He waited a little longer. “Please.” He said.

“No.” Arceus said. “I cannot change the way you were created. You cannot change, and that is final.”

“But I want to.” He cried.

“One more word and I will make your attack worse.”

“Please.” He cried again.

Arceus growled and absorbed light into his body and fired it at Ditto. Ditto felt all tingly. He stared at Arceus, they were now at eye level.

“How by Mew?” Arceus said, staring at the clone of him.

“Well, I’ll be off then.” Ditto said, not realising he was an Arceus clone. He walked back through the regions for weeks.

When he got back all the Pokemon cried, “Holy Arceus.” And bowed to him. Why were they all so small. He continued walking then felt the weird tingling feeling again and was much smaller. All the Pokemon stared. Ditto looked at them then decided to try out this ‘bad move’ Arceus gave him. He charged at a nearby Turtwig and then felt all tingly. All the Pokemon stared again. No-one spoke for a little while, until one Pokemon said. “How by Mew are you a Turtwig?”

“I’m not a Turtwig.” Ditto said looking down at his feet – wait, he didn’t have feet. “Holy Arceus.” He said. “Wow, this move is so much better than Tackle!”

And from that day on, Ditto was more respected.


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