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Default Re: Indiviual RP: Lunar Wing

Luna nodded in a sign that she heard Marth speak about confusion but her eyes stayed fixed on the Haunter that now floated about seven feet in the air. She had to concentrated and think of her next move. Her Mean Look + Confuse Ray combination seemed to have worked for the Haunter was now crying in pain. Now she had to plan for an attack.
Yue knew this and she wasn't fond of it Luna knew. Yue didn't like attacking much with physical moves but well she was a Dark type and dark type moves where alwasy physical.

Suddenly Luna realised that the Haunter had started moving and pulled a nail out of his troath. How do you hide something there...? Luna wondered for a second but then she realized what it was. The Haunter was using Curse. Quick she had to think of something but before she could shout a commant Haunter had already pieced his hand. Scared she looked to Yue but she looked with questioned eyes back to Luna and seemed not harmed. Luna smiled, the confusion had worken perfectly.

"All right Yue," she said loud to overcome the howl of pain from the Haunter, "Use Faint Attack, but gentle we don't want to kill this little fellow."

Yue's red eyes fixed on the gas Pokémon and her yellow marks lighted up for a second then faded away together with the rest of her body. Her black 'fur' became more black so that it couldn't be seen anymore in the dark night. After a second or two she appeared again and now behind the Haunter. She had jumped up and her paws where ready to strike the Haunter in his back. The moon shined on her black back making it look like she had emerged from the moon.

Luna smiled if she could she would have maked a sketch from this view.
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