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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

My Ranger SU. :]

Name: Charlie Bratton
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Personality: Charlie isn't an incredibly complex person with depth and a harsh, riveting story. In fact, it would be incredibly simple to sum her up in one word; 'eager'. And possibly 'determined'. All her years of building herself up from an underestimated child with bucketloads of potential has only been fuelled along with her unique capability to become passionate about the tiniest of things and people. She overestimates people around her, often believing they are capable of greater things than even they know; often leading to her becoming bossy or intrusive in people's lives or actions. Her heart is in the right place, though; her greatest weakness, however, is often finding herself in situations where her extremely grounded morals are compromised.

Description: Closest I could get to the description. More clothes on, though. LOL. Charlie is quite tall with a very athletic build and healthy tanned skin; all combined give her quite the stereotypical look of a Ranger. Despite this, Charlie refuses to be pigeon-holed and sports a shocking blue-coloured haircut; luscious curls that drape over her shoulders and are the colour of bright, electric blue. She is not a rebel, however; she dyed her hair on impulse as a teenager and decided she loved the colour so much so she decided to keep it that way. Generally it is tied back, however, as to not give new Trainers in the park the wrong impression about her. As far as clothes go, she usually wears clothes fit for rough terrain and a lot of physical activity; practical clothes, like a cream jacket with a red t-shirt underneith and khaki-coloured shorts.

Pokemon Natures:

Arcanine, Male, Hardy Nature
Luxray, Male, Adamant Nature
Flygon, Female, Jolly Nature
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