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Default Re: individual rp: QIC

The Ranger agreed with my choice of the path and let me walk in front of him. The path had a thin blanket of now that crunched when you stepped on it. Packing snow. I thought.

"Hey I never got your name, I could check your chart but I left it back at the outpost." the ranger asked me.

"Owen, what's yours?" I asked.

We kept up walking up the path.CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH The snow was making that sound that sent shivers down your spine like hearing a teacher's nails on a chalkboard. We saw a small dinosaur Pokemon. It was blue with a rippled head on it. Most of the snow that was falling collected on it's nose, which every time the Bagon exhaled sent out a puff of smoke.

"Hmm, okay Snicks we have an opponent!." I told him, "use Icy Wind in a combination with Ice punch to weaken it severely, but not enough to make it faint."

Snicks waved it's arms in the air in circles. It made a small tornado of freezing air and threw the wind at the small dragon Pokemon. The wind sparked with small ice particles in the air. While the wind blew Snicks charged at Bagon. Snicks changed its hand into a fist and covered it in ice using his other hand to produce it. It Snicks aimed for Bagon's stomach.

"Snicks if Bagon tries to attack you just jump backwards or the the side of the attack." I told my Weavile. "Okay Ranger, let's get out of the way before we get caught in the fight."
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