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Default Re: Individual RP: Questionably Royal


Ranger : Leo

Location : Outpost #5 (Botanical Gardens)


"Ok Octavian!" He began, "let's catch a Skitty!"

"Cradily!" Octavian yelled again.

“Octavian, I want you to daze it with Confuse Ray then use Stockpile!” Hayes said.

The Cradily launched a colorful ray at the wild Skitty. The energetic cat Pokémon did a small back flip on the log that we had found it in. She extended her paws and her tail grew larger as she soared through the air, landing a couple of yards away from the Cradily. It smiled cutely at the Cradily as its head began to glow a beautiful sparkly purple color. The wild Pokémon charged at Cradily and she was gaining speed.

She jumped into the air and dove down towards Cradily. The Cradily took this as its initiative to start his Stockpiling moves. Small orbs floated around the tentacle Pokémon. Its body glowed a bright white color, and then changed back to its original color. The Cradily tried to waddle out of the way, but it was not fast enough. The Skitty slammed hard into him causing him to flinch a little. The Skitty landed on all fours as they were known to do. I was surprised. This small energetic cat Pokémon seemed harmless and gentle, but it sure packed a punch.

The Skitty just stood there smiling with an adorable face as it waited for the next move. I felt a small draft from somewhere. The temperature in the air was changing. Then I noticed that the Skitty’s ears were elegantly glowing a bluish white color. I couldn’t believe what was happening, she was using Icy Wind. I could see small ice particles begin to form around it. They began to rotate around the wild Pokémon, then shot forward towards Cradily.

I looked at Hayes and waited to see what move he would use next and to perhaps counter the oncoming attack.

Wild Pokemon: Skitty
Nature : ???
Gender : Female
Ability : Cute Charm
Stats Changes : None
Health : 95%
Current Move Used: Zen Headbutt, Icy Wind

Your Pokemon: Cradily
Nature : Jolly
Gender : Male
Ability : Suction Cups
Stats Changes : [Stockpile 1 Def/SpD +1]
Health : 89%

Trainer: Hayes Ruishe

Location: Botanical Gardens

Area Effects: Sunny

Encounters Remaining: 15

Money: None

Items: 3 Super Balls


Pokemon: Cradily [Out of Ball]
Nickname: Octavian
Gender: Male
Ability: Suction Cups
Nature: Jolly

Pokemon: Bronzong
Nickname: Gillian
Gender: None
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Hardy

Pokemon encountered: Skitty [???]

On-going battles: Wild Skitty vs Cradily

Pokemon Captured: None

OOC: Hint: Try to describe the surroundings and be a bit creative when battling wild Pokémon :] Also I would suggest you take a look at the Natures of Pokémon in the Park Encyclopedia just so that you are acquainted with them :]
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