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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

I couldn’t blame Rowan for wanting to get out of there. An angry Ponyta was no laughing matter, despite their beauty. Their blazing speed and diamond-hard hooves meant they were perfectly capable of thrashing anyone they pleased, and this Ponyta looked more than ready to thrash us.

“Dagger, you started this mess, clean it up!” I told the Floatzel. He gave a snort and shifted, eyeing Ponyta as it charged at us and doing some quick mental calculations. He then inhaled deeply, and as Rowan and I hustled up the trail, the Pokemon disgorged a massive jet of crystalline water. The Hydro Pump spiraled through the air and smashed smack-bad into Ponyta’s chest. The fire-horse neighed loudly as it was knocked back, and without hesitation the equine did an about face and raced back to where the herd was watching.

Sighing as Dagger puffed out his chest and swaggered to join us, I shook my head and continued up the path, increasing my pace a bit to overtake Rowan and gain the lead. It was my job, after all, to protect my Trainer from harm, and I couldn’t very well do that if she were leading me all over the place.

I was about to stop and face the young woman when the toe of my shoe caught against something large and hard. I yelped in surprise and pitched forward, saved from toppling from the path to the ground below only by Dagger darting forward to grab my shirt and haul me back. I took a deep breath and patted the Floatzel on the head, smiling gratefully.

“Thanks buddy, you just save me a trip to the hospital and an outrageous medical bill,” I said, and Dagger strutted around again. I chuckled softly, always amazed at how easy it was to stroke the Pokemon’s massive ego, and then turned back to see what I’d tripped over. Something gray-brown and bumpy was sticking up out of the trail, and I nudged it gently with the toe of my shoe. After my tripping over it I didn’t expect this to have any effect, but the object surprised me by leaping up from where it was half-buried in the trail.

“Geo!” the thing, which actually turned out to be a Geodude, exclaimed. It halfheartedly swatted at the air with its large hands, somehow managing to hover at the peak of its leap. Despite years and years of research, not to mention thousands of dollars, no one knew exactly how a Geodude was capable of levitating. The current and most accepted theory, at the moment at least, was that Geodude made use of magnetic properties in its body, controlling their strength. The more force it put out, the more it was repelled by the magnetic properties of the ground beneath it.

“So, you’re what nearly caused me to break my neck,” I said to the Pokemon, which only yawned at me before floating back down to land in the middle of the trail again. It stared at me with bright black eyes, looking rather unperturbed by being kicked and prodded. In fact, it looked downright cheerful, though a bit tired. It was probably asleep when I tripped over it, and when I poked at it with my shoe startled it after it had been forcefully woken.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Rowan Dalca
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 12
Sweet Sensations spray count- 9

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Male Tyranitar (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HP Fighting, Water Pulse) <Sand Stream Ability>

-Hasty Female Azumarill (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Waterfall) <Huge Power Ability>

-Adamant Female Swampert <Torrent Ability>

-Modest Male Noctowl <Keen Eye Ability>

Total Items: Hyper Ball x2 ; Superball x3 ; Park Ball x4 ; Max Potion x3 ; Full Heal x2 ; Full Restore ; x2 Sweet Sensation sprays ; x2 Bitter Berry sprays ; Sour Starfruit spray

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Vulpix (1st Encounter)
Ponyta (2nd Encounter)
Geodude (3rd Encounter)

Total Pokemon Captured:
Quirky Male Vulpix
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