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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

Rowan stopped her run to see her Ranger on her way to the ground. She eyed Dagger thankfully, glad she didn’t have to face Ponyta in battle. Rowan didn’t say anything to Sara, seeing that she looked fine. Rowan peered around the two to look at Geodude. Her thoughts immediately went to her Alton. Alton was one of her prized Pokemon, having been given as a gift from a good friend when he was just a Geodude. Now a fully grown Golem, Alton had to be forced to stay home instead of accompanying Rowan to Mt. Deckbi.

“You better be careful,” Rowan informed her. “Good thing Geodude looks mostly asleep, or else we would be in for a battle.” Rowan didn’t want to battle the Geodude- she already had her own Golem.

"Let's leave it to rest, though," she told her Ranger idly. "We better just move on."

OCC;; This is the shortest post ever. Please excuse my lack of muse.

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