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Default Need help creating new Pokemon, Regions etc.

I still need a few more Pokemon, I need names for the Elite Four and I need to decide what the names of the Villains, Rival/Friend and the Professor will be. Hope you like it and tell me if I need to make any changes. There are also a few tips of my own at the bottom.

(f) Female
(m) Male
New Pokemon –

Mewthree (Legendary/Experiment/Psychic)
Dragmaron (Legendary/Fire/Dragon)
Dragraitor (Legendary/Electric/Dragon)
Dragicent (Legendary/Ice/Dragon)
Salavile (Dragon/Poison)
Toxeon (Evolution of Eevee/Poison)
Merridos (Starter Pokemon/Grass) --- Merrivine (Evolved) --- Merridiovine (Final Evolution)
Azelia (Starter Pokemon/Water) --- Azerial (Evolved) --- Arleziam (Final Evolution)
Flamero (Starter Pokemon/Fire) --- Flamerios(Evolved) --- Flameriodos (Final Evolution)
New Region, Towns and Islands –
Rimore Region
Ineo Town
Ancient Island
Orez Island
Oasis Town (Water Gym)
Validus Town (Dragon Gym)
Laureola City (Grass Gym)
Silicis Island (Rock Gym)
Elumina Town (Electric Gym)
Volatis Island (Flying Gym)
Animus Town (Psychic Gym)
Aduro City (Fire Gym)
Veritus Island
New Gym Leaders –
(f) Storm (Electric)
(m) Bruce (Rock)
(m) Ace (Flying)
(f) Harmony (Water)
(m) Marcus (Fire)
(f) Lavender (Grass)
(m) Stefan (Psychic)
(m) Dean (Dragon)
New Badges –
Flare Badge (Fire)
Aerial Badge (Flying)
Volt Badge (Electric)
Quake Badge (Rock)
Flood Badge (Water)
Illusion Badge (Psychic)
Turf Badge (Grass)
Scale Badge (Dragon)
New Elite Four –
New Villains –

Team Lunar
Team Solar
Team Inferno
Team Universe
Team Supernova
New Rival/Friend –
New Professor –
Prof. Pine
Prof. Pyrus
Prof. Wood

Creating Pokemon, Towns, Citys and names for people can be hard but maybe some of my ideas will help.

If you can't think of a name for a Pokemon try using Latin words to help create a name.

Try creating evolutions for Pokemon that already exist, they may be crucial parts in your story.

When thinking about Gym Leaders, you can either, use Gym Leaders that already exist or create your own. Another thing you can do is mix up the types of Pokemon they have. Maybe one Gym Leader has some fire types and some rock types or another has some water types and some flying types.

Another thing to do is to name each Gym Leaders badge.

In most Pokemon adventures there are usually villians such as Team Rocket and Team Galactic. If you notice, most of these have something to do with space, so try creating your own having to do with space or be creative and use something else.

And finally, make sure you have good plot in mind that will keep the reader or gamer coming back for more.

If you have any other ideas please mention them.

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