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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64


We left the drowsy-looking Geodude behind and continued up the spiraling path, finally reaching a cave that actually led somewhere and wasn’t just a deep dent in the mountainside. I paused long enough to make sure the others were caught up, then stepped inside the mouth of the cave. The light from outside lit up the cave for about seven feet, revealing large pebbles strewn all over the floor. At the back of this particular cave were several tunnels, though only three of them went anywhere. Off to one side a stalagmite jutted into the air, reaching nearly twenty feet, a good portion of which was lost in the darkness.

I turned to face Rowan as Dagger sniffed around, motioning to the tunnels behind me with a hand.

“This cave branches off into three separate tunnels. Two of them are a pretty easy incline straight up, where they let out back onto the path, but the other one is a pretty brutal trek. It leads pretty deep into Mt. Deckbi, twisting back on itself and making it easy for one to get confused and turned around. Not only that, a lot of the climb is steep, and it has a habit of going up and down on you. It gets pretty darn hot, too, and on top of all that, some of the smaller areas are notorious for being saturated with sulfuric gases. Not only do they smell bad, they can be dangerous if you breath them in for too long. I brought some filter masks, since there’s a good chance we’ll be heading deep into the mountain eventually, though, so you don’t have to worry about that. In case you’re wondering why anyone would want to go through all that backbreaking effort, I’ll give you a hint; a lot of the larger, stronger, and higher-stage Pokemon only reside deep within the mountain. Not only because they’re more comfortable there, but because they know only strong, determined Trainers, ones worthy of battling, would dare venture into their domain.

“So, what path do you want to take? The first and third are the easy ones, the one in the middle is what’ll turn your legs to jelly.”

I’d barely finished speaking when I heard a scratching noise coming from behind me. I turned, expecting Dagger to be up to something, and found him still sniffing around near the stalagmite. At the sound of the scratching, though, he instantly became alert, head jerking up as a growl issued from his throat. He bounded over to where I was, standing in front of me protectively, and I shook my head a little. It could be a Sandshrew or it might be a Heatran, and Dagger would be the first one to leap into battle with it.

It was hard to tell exactly where the scratching sound was coming from, because it was echoing around the cave, but Dagger’s head was turned to the third tunnel. Occasionally I heard another sound over the sound of claws on stone, a sort of clucking noise. I glanced back at Rowan and nodded towards where Dagger was staring.

“Can any of your light up the cave and show us what’s lurking around? If not, I can ask BlazeFist, my Infernape, to act as a mobile torch for us.”


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Rowan Dalca
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 12
Sweet Sensations spray count- 9

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Male Tyranitar (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HP Fighting, Water Pulse) <Sand Stream Ability>

-Hasty Female Azumarill (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Waterfall) <Huge Power Ability>

-Adamant Female Swampert <Torrent Ability>

-Modest Male Noctowl <Keen Eye Ability>

Total Items: Hyper Ball x2 ; Superball x3 ; Park Ball x4 ; Max Potion x3 ; Full Heal x2 ; Full Restore ; x1 Sweet Sensation sprays ; x2 Bitter Berry sprays ; Sour Starfruit spray

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Vulpix (1st Encounter)
Ponyta (2nd Encounter)
Geodude (3rd Encounter)

Total Pokemon Captured:
Quirky Male Vulpix
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