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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

Rowan nodded to Blazefist, “Îmi pare bine de cunoştinţă,” she said before backtracking her words. “Nice to meet you, Blazefist.” She looked over at her Azumarill, smiling. “This here is my Azumarill, Azura.”

Azura smiling innocently and bounced over to Sara and the Infernape, shaking both of their hands with force. “She’s a bit… eccentric.” The Aqua Rabbit Pokemon frowned at her Trainer. She seemed to have completely forgotten the impending doom that came from the scratching. Or at least, she had until Blazefist walked nimbly over to where the sounds were loudest.

In response to Rowan’s question, the Trainer heard; “Oh yes, if we have time we can come back and explore it if you like. You’ll sleep well tonight, I can assure you. That route still makes me tired and I’ve tread it dozens of times.” Rowan nodded, thankfully.

That is certainly a relief,” Rowan replied. “It’s going to be a long, long day.”

Rowan took the time to take in the cave, now illuminated by the light. “Thank you, BlazeFist,” she said, “for the light.” She peered around loose stones and piles of rocks, trying to find where the sound was coming from. She was about ready to give up when she saw the Combusken dashing towards her in a frenzy. She watched patiently as Sara’s Infernape dodged Combusken’s attack. Rowan’s face looked almost surprised when the fire-chicken walked over to her.

Huh, I guess it was drawn out by the scent of your perfume. It must have thought it was food and when it saw BlazeFist, thought it was coming to take it.” Sara said.

With the mention of the perfume, Azura sniffed the air greedily, her cheeks turning a faint pink. The Hasty Azumarill loved the sweet scent of the spray and had completely ignored the Combusken. Rowan frowned, pushing her Pokemon away from her and towards the fire-chicken. With a cry of annoyance, Azura turned to face the Combusken, letting out a fierce Bubblebeam at close range. The dark blue bubbles didn’t have to travel very far until they popped with a great deal of power. Rowan watched with frustration and displeasure as her Aqua Rabbit took it upon herself to battle the Pokemon without waiting for her Trainer to shout any commands.

Doamne, Azura, ce faci?” Rowan snapped angrily. “We’re going to leave that Combusken alone, Azura. So stop attacking him.” But Azura wouldn’t listen and she quickly launched into another attack, this time a Double-Edge. Azura’s blue and white speckled body glowed a harsh yellow and, with great speed and power, Azura launched herself at Combusken.

It was a battle for food—even though Rowan didn’t actually have any. So, it was a battle for the scent.

OCC;; I am... very amused by this post xD

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