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Default A nice walk along the way to victory

Yay, my first story, hope it's any good ^^'

Well, there I was, walking down the road with my Aron next to me, happy as always.
It was early in my adventures, Aron was still my only Pokémon, so I decided to try and get some more, and therefore got some Pokéballs in the last city.

Anyway, there I was, suddenly at an intersection, one onwards to a dessert, and the other one into a cave, I had no idea which way to take.
I asked Aron which way we should go, while wondering about it myself.
It took a while for him to say, he didn't know either..
After quite a while, the sky darkening, still not knowing which way to go, it suddenly starts to rain, so me and Aron runs for the cave without thinking anymore about it.

When inside it's pitch dark, can't even se my hand in front of me!
So i stay close to the exit and wait for the rain to end, suddenly I hear something rumbling behing me, I look, but can't see anything.
That is wierd, I thought to myself and told Aron to use Iron Defense just in case.
It seemed to be getting closer.
I told Aron to use Roar to possibly scare it away.
It seemed to work at first as the rumbling stopped, suddenly I saw something large rush for me, as my sight had at last adjusted a little.
I jumped quickly aside as the large object rushed right into the cave wall, blocking the entrance so I know had no sight at all, I quickly told Aron to use Iron Tail,
it seemed to hit as I heard a shriek and the rumbling getting worse, it didn't come for me now thoug, but it seemed to be squeezing something.
I jumped up and quickly yelled at Aron to use Metal Burst!
The giant creature shrieked again and let go of the object and started rushing away, at least we where now safe from whatever it was.
I felt it wouldn't be safe inside the cave though.
I called Aron to my side and tried to find the place where the opening had been.
I told Aron to use Iron Head on the wall and try to get it open, but after quite a while of waiting, nothing happened.
My faith was running out, with nothing happening I told Aron to stop.
After a while I dosed of against the wall.

When I woke up, Aron wasn't at my side, and I could see a light from the wall, I instantly crawled there to see what had happened, and I saw Aron lying on the ground totally exhausted.
I instantly leaped towards him and checked him.
He seemed fine at the moment, but he needed help, I tried to lift him or push him or anything that could help.
I was desperate, and it didn't help that I was weakened because of the time before.
I heard some rumbling again, and got very scared, as I thought it would be the monster again, in my deranged state I couldn't hear it was a different rumble.
I stood before my Aron and protected it and wouldn't let it get hurt by anything!
The anticipation was very high, the seconds felt like minutes, the minutes like hours, it was so dragged out, and suddenly I saw a shadow, I yelled at it.
We stood there, watching eachother for a while, it sniffed and started to walk towards me again.

I yelled at it all I could, but it didn't care.
It wen't right past me and lifted my Aron with it and looked over at me, as if indicating I should follow.
I was stunned for a while, I didn't know what to do, so I just followed him as he suddenly stomped very hard on the ground, so hard the ground shaked and the cave opening widened.
We went outside into the almost blinding light.

The Pokémon continued forward and carried Aron all the way back to the outskirts of the city and dropped of Aron there, I was still quite stunned, such a nice and helpful Pokémon.
I looked at Aron, and then at the Pokémon which didn't seem to leave.
I picked up my Pokédex and checked it, it was a Hippopotas.
I picked up an empty Pokéball and said I wanted him as my friend and then I threw.
It was almost like slowmotion, the ball going in an upwards angle toward the Pokémon, falling slowly towards it, and then hitting.
It got the Pokémon and fell to the ground and started to move.

I wondered for myself if this would work and hoped.
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