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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

Rowan side-stepped Combusken’s jump, glaring at the Pokemon. She had no need for a fire-chicken on her team, but this thing was angering her too much. A battle was sure to follow.

Azura jumped to her feet quickly, turning to face her nemesis. Normally this Azumarill hated using non-attacking moves, but she made an expectation in this case. Azura struck a pose as small, pink hearts floated around her. Those adorable little hearts then made their way to Combusken, exploding with tiny pink sparkles as they brushed the Fire-type’s feathers. With Charm out of the way, Azura began to spin wildly in a circle, streams of water forming in a vortex around the blue and white rabbit Pokemon.

With Aqua Ring well on its way, Azura began another attack—hoping that it will easily knock out Combusken and allow her to get the sweet food, wherever it was. She inhaled the scent again, smiling childishly, before puffing out her cheeks for a second BubbleBeam.

Rowan sighed, almost recalling her Azura to end the silly battle. Instead, she took out the can that once held the scent spray and shook it. Not much was left, but there was at least a drop. Rowan bent over and picked up a gray-brown, lumpy rock. Dumping the reminder of the Sweet Sensation Spray on the rock, she then threw it over to Combusken. Maybe he’d think it was the food and take it. Of course, if he realized it was a rock he might get angry...

OCC;; Azura doesn't like orders.... Honsetly, I only did that because I didn't see a good way of leaving Combusken alone xD It was fun, though. Now I just hope this works...

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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