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Default Re: The Trials of Camelot Island [WWC]

Originally Posted by Splishee View Post

For any story to pass, you need the Pokemon to battle. You need the Pokemon being captured to battle someone, one way or another. I’m sorry, but I cannot pass this story unless you allow Abra to battle.

He doesn’t have to battle Danny - Abra could possibly battle one of the guards’ Pokemon on the way out as they try to stop them?


... sorry, but the lack of Abra battling makes me unable to give you a pass on this story. Want my advice? Just add in a battle scene where Abra is battling someone, and make it as vivid and great as you described the battles between Zane and Danny. If you can do that for me, I’ll give you a re-grade and you can be sure that it will be a pass. :]
I hate to override this, but these statements aren't true. At least not anymore. We changed this a long time ago. I'm not sure if it's still written somewhere in the rules (I'll have to go double-check), but the attempted Pokemon capture does not have to participate in a battle to pass. There doesn't have to be any kind of battle whatsoever if that is what the author wishes. We try to give writers as much freedom as possible, with no limitations on story content.

The grade outcome should be determined by the overall story itself, not technicalities. There really aren't any requirements apart from length and the involvement of the Pokemon some way or another.

So seeing as that was the only thing preventing you from passing this, I'm gonna go ahead and say that Abra is captured.

Sorry about that, Splish. And enjoy your Abra, Valiantly Vaporeon.

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