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Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
*Glomps Guard* Really? Sweet! Did you ever see that Armada episode where Hot Shot got (lol) shot in the chest point blank by...Er, can't remember who-he used to be an Autobot and was trapped by flames. Hot Shot promised to save him, but couldn't get to him because others weren't letting him ("You'll be destroyed!"). Megatron saved him instead.

Didja ever see that one?


*Gliding through the air*
Yah! ^^ Can't remember it very well though, what's the name of the episode?! *has YouTube open*

Originally Posted by Michelle8936 View Post
Tommorrow's the last day of school, then I'm off for two weeks before the second semester starts XD

... *Bored*
*blinks, starts crying* It's the end of my semester too, but we don't get a break...
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