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Default Re: Individual RP: kokovo

OoC:you can't use two Pokemon to battle only one. This counts as a PPPP violation.


As soon as Morgan saw the Murkrow, he was ready to battle. Nice! I thought.

"Alright guys", I said to my two Pokemon standing next to me, "Just like we practiced. Mothim, use PoisonPowed then Psychic, Inky, use ShadowBall".

Wait, what? Is he really going to attack Murkrow with both his Pokemon?

The Mothim fluttered about, scattering a purplish dust cloud that kept floating as he used his mind abilities to direct it, all the while the Gengar joined his ghostly hands, releasing a sphere of dark energy that seemed to suck in any light that was about...

I had to stop him. Recklessly- and a little stupidly, maybe, I jumped in front of the ghost Pokemon, raising my harms to prevent him from executing his attack. "Every battle," I said as I turned to his trainer. "Is to be done strictly one-on-one. We don't allow ganging up on wild Pokemon."

The black crow, seeing the purple dust coming its way, flew up to avoid it, but seeing it was following, and getting closer, it turned and, flapping its wings, tried to blow it away.

So it seemed anyway, as heat began developping from the bird's thrusts, burning away the psychic-driven poison.

Furthermore, the crow started glaring daggers at the moth Pokemon, energy building up into its eyes...

"Watch out!" I said, "I think it's gonna use Mean Look!"


Encounter #1

Murkrow (??/??/??) 100% [Using Mean Look]


Name: Morgan
Location: Meteor Valley
Total Items: x1 Parkball, x3 Suberballs, x2 Hyperball

Pokemon Stats

Pokemon: Gengar
Health: 100%
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly

Pokemon: Mothim
Nickname: Mr M.
Health: 100%
Gender: Male
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Mild
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