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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec


In the back, Serebii had switched while Marowak attempted to mix Bonemerang with Bone Rush somehow as it tossed Bones towards Rotom. The Ghostly Pokemon simply moved side to side to dodge the incoming attacks. Rotom got tired of Dodging and focused its energy to launch an attack, but it was surprised as the attack became Discharge instead.

The Electricity spread in several directions, getting rid of the bones that were coming back. A bit of electricity also sparked towards Marowak. One of the bones came back and hit Rotom right before returning to Marowak's hand. Neither Pokemon seemed to be hurt at all.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sec

Location: Abandoned Powerplant

Area Effects:
---Ominous flickering lights

Encounters Remaining: 8

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Marowak (M/Lightning Rod) 96.91%
---Calm Togekiss (F/Serene Grace) 55.14% (wished)

Total Items: Park Balls x3, Super Balls x5, Max Potions x2, Full Heal x2

Total Captured Pokemon: Quirky Grimer (?/Sticky Hold)

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Rotom (?/Levitate) 93.09% (encored)

Other Wild Pokemon: ??? Elekid (?/Static), Lax Magnetone (?/Magnet Pull), Careful Manectric (?/Static), Mild Jolteon (?/Volt Absorb), Serious Registeel (NG/Pressure), Naughty Minum (?/Minus), Naive Manectric (?/Lightning Rod)

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