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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

Rowan yanked out her Pokeball again, calling Azura back quickly. The crimson energy beam sucked Azura into the tiny orb, locking her away until Rowan called on her powers again. The young Romanian women nodded at her Ranger, turning to head down the tunnel. She did look back—once—as she thought of what her brother would’ve done. Her brother, Ash Dalca, was one of the biggest babies she knew, despite the fact that he was four years older than him. The minute he heard the sad clucking sounds Combusken was making, Ash would’ve ran over to help him. Rowan sighed. Her and her brother were too different, it was almost scary.

Rowan and Ash weren’t the closest of siblings…

Rowan caught up to her Ranger. “I suppose we can’t head back that way at all,” she said simply, eyes trailing on BlazeFist’s light.

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