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Default Re: Masters of Cinema

Movie Title: Digimon: The Movie
Year Released: October 6, 2000
Director: Terri-Lei O'Malley (USA/CANADA), Mamoru Hosoda & Shigeyasu Yamauchi (Japan)
Lara Jill Miller - Kari
Joshua Seth - Tai
Doug Erholtz - T.K.
Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Sora
Philece Sampler - Mimi Tachikawa/Cody/Matt Ishida/T.K.'s grandmother
Mona Marshall - Izzy/Terriermon
Michael Lindsay - Joe/Greymon
Michael Reisz - Matt Ishida
Bob Glouberman - Willis
Brian Donovan - Davis

Story/Plot: Ah Digimon, Digital Monster. The story was shown in 3 parts. First part was (If my memory is correct) from the TV show; when TK and Kari first make contact with Digimon. The 2nd part takes place six months to roughly a year after the first Digidestined left the Digiworld. With out spoiling the whole plot, lets just say they run into trouble with a bad ass virus digimon take is trying to destroy the human world threw the internet. Finally the last part takes place during the 2nd season of Digimon. The style they made this movie plot wise was truly something I have never seen before and after seeing all the other digimon movies; This one takes the cake for most epic plot.

Voices: The voices sounded like the show besides Terriermon/Gargomon sounded nothing like season's 3 version of Terriermon.

CGI Animation: The animation is the same as the shows.

After watching this with in my old VCH player with the kid I babysit. It reminded me off the good old days when Digimon and Pokemon Cards were my life. Its still a amazing movie to date. This one is the best Digimon movie out there; the rest well... major crap! I would only recommend this movie if you have seen the 1st and 2nd season of digimon!
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