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Default Re: Gym Tourney Round 2


jk but he reffed

3v3 Revo
No Helds
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause
No Weather/Terrain

Viridian Leader TheEvilDookie vs. Virmillion Leader Keion
Garchomp, Tyranitar vs. Lanturn, Manectric, Rotom-W

Garchomp Swords Danced and OHKOd Lanturn with an EQ but took an Ice Beam in return. Manectric then took out Garchomp with a quick Ice Fang which brough in Tyranitar. Tyranitar got par'd and did a DD, but the par wasnt enough to stop the EQ. Rotom couldnt do much either to stop the beast and was KOd by a Crunch.

TED wins and gets $2000, moves on
Keion loses and gets $1000, out
Haze reffed and should get $2000

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