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Default Re: individual rp: QIC

"Hmm this Bagon has more fight in it then I expected!" I exclaimed. "Now Snicks, let's show him how to really fight! Show us your plan of attack!"

Snicks got up and saw Bagon on top of a large snow pile. He smirked, knowing what it was going to do, creating a Nasty Plot in his mind. Snicks jumped side to side extremely fast towards Bagon, fast enough to not see him when he was moving. He charged into the large snow pile Bagon was standing on, using many Fury Swipes to make the snow weak. Snicks exited the other side of the pile with to see the snow collapsing underneath Bagon. Snicks created another swirl of icy cold air, it collected snow and ice from the ground from it creating a small icy vortex. Snicks threw the Icy Wind at Bagon, the ice, snow and frigid air flying towards him.

"Good plan Snicks!" I cheered, hoping I cheered it up a bit. "Now watch out for any attacks. If Bagon tries anything use our Doom Maneuver!"
I was remembered the last time I used that maneuver. Snicks would jump to the left, roll around to the back of the Pokemon with speed, even in snow it was fast, and then Snicks swung his arm with his claw, Slashing the Pokemon from behind, usually making them fall, or to be knocked forwards.

"Just remember, I want to capture Bagon!" I yelled to Snicks.

OOC: Bagon's a Guy

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