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Default Re: |Individual RP: Neltharion_Deathwing |

"Which path do you want to take?" asked Leo, looking at me with a puzzled look, waiting for my answer. To my front was now two paths, one which led to a cave and one which would lead me to higher grounds where tall grasses loomed. I thought awhile about my next move. Looking at the route towards the hill, I could see that the fog was getting thicker. I would probably be hardly able to see anything if I choose that path.

Just that, from out of nowhere came a soft calming music. Closing my eyes to pinpoint the right location of the source, I listened carefully to the melodious piece of music. It was coming out from the cave! Surely someoone or something was in there creating this music.

"Let's go in the cave!" I exclaimed, feeling excited, expecting to find a wild Pokemon there...
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