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Default Re: Masters of Cinema

Movie Title: Extreme Movie
Year Released: December 5, 2008 (limited)
Director: Adam Jay Epstein/Andrew Jacobson
Ryan Pinkston - Mike
Michael Cera - Fred
Frankie Muniz - Chuck
Jamie Kennedy - Mateus
Matthew Lillard - Matthew Lillard

Story/Plot: Before I start off, I found the original title well searching for the cast's name. The original script title was called "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Teen Sex... But Were Afraid to Ask". That tittle sums up the whole plot of the movie. The story is told threw a lot of short sketches and all of them talking about sex and drugs.

Acting: Acting in this movie was pretty good. They were all very funny.

Overall: Overall... It is a really bad idea to play this movie when there are little kids in the room. Every second is about SEX SEX SEX! I found it very funny but noticed it didn't have a real plot. It was just a bunch sex themed sketches (The kind you would find on Mad TV). If you are a fan of Mad Tv or Boobs then you have to watch it.


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