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Default Re: Masters of Cinema

So I decided to do another movie review after hearing they're doing a remake of this. @___@

Death at a Funeral
Directed by Frank Oz.

[Matthew Macfadyen] - [Daniel]
[Rupert Graves] - [Robert]
[Peter Dinklage] - [Peter]
[Alan Tudyk] - [Simon]
[Daisy Donovan] - [Martha]
[Kris Marshall] - [Troy]
[Ewen Bremner] - [Justin]
[Peter Vaughan] - [Uncle Alfie]
[Andy Nyman] - [Howard]
[Jane Asher] - [Sandra]
[Keeley Hawes] - [Jane]
[Peter Egan] - [Victor]
[Thomas Wheatley] - [The Reverend]

Somewhere in England, Daniel's father has just passed away. On the day of the funeral, the family gathers for a quaint service. However, trouble begins when Robert, Daniel's brother as well as famous author, is not chosen to write the eulogy. Instead, the task is left to Daniel, despite hurtful remarks made from varied family members.

Amongst the brewing turmoil are more intricate plots involving Daniel's cousin Martha, and her new fiancée, Simon. Simon is accidentally given a hallucinogenic drug by Martha's brother, Troy, who uses being a pharmacy student as a cover for running a drug operation.

All the while, Justin (who is currently pursuing Martha's affections) and Howard have to take care of Uncle Alfie, a cantankerous old man who will take any and all chances to insult everyone around him.

When everyone meets for the funeral service, a dwarf named Peter appears. Hilarity ensues when a hallucinating Simon leaps onto the coffin, screaming that someone's alive in there. Peter then reveals his true nature to the brothers, by blackmailing them over one of their father's secrets. In an attempt to hush Peter, Daniel and Robert force drugs down his throat and accidentally "kill" him. Fearing prosecution, the brothers try to hide the body - resulting in even more slapstick comedy and dark humor.

The acting is phenomenal in Death at a Funeral. The way each family member interacts with one another will remind you of your own quirky, offbeat family. You have the cranky old man who makes everyone miserable, the older sibling who always outdoes the younger, the worried mother, harping wife, drugged out cousin, new in-law... It's like your family reunion on a DVD.

Each of the actors pull off an amazing characterization, most notably Alan Tudyk and Peter Vaughan for the ridiculous humor they bring to the stage. Everyone should have gotten an Emmy or something.

Overall Opinion:
I decided to write this review for two reasons. The first, is that it is my favorite British film. The second, is that later on this year, they're going to do an American remake starring Chris Rock... Yes. Chris Rock; so you know the film will be terrible. (Although, Peter Dinklage will return in his original roll, albeit supporting a new hairdo and mustache).

The original movie which debuted in 2007 is pure comedic gold, which should be watched by the American audiences. I encourage all humorists to watch this movie, as the family interactions are so believable and the dialogue so fantastic, that you'll become as attached to the film as I am.

This is such a great film, that I recommend seeing it before the lame American version comes to theaters. Buy it on DVD!
Though as a precaution, I should say that not all foreign films work in American DVD players... >_<

In fact, you can even watch it here, if you don't mind asian subtitles;
Death at a Funeral.

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