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I followed Leo's footsteps into the cave. The music which I had heard before was now getting louder and clearer. As we walked deeper into the cave, what greeted us was anything but the source of the music. I began to wonder if all this music was just a part of my own imagination. Then almost as though only a short time had passed, we reached the end of the cave. What was in front of us now was nothing but an rock wall.

Yet strangely enough, the music that was being heard earlier was still being played. Feeling puzzled and disappointed, I turned back together with Leo to get ready to leave. All of a sudden, as if a divine being had descended upon earth, a flash mix of bright lights filled the cave forcing us to shut our eyes momentarily to avoid the rays. Slowly, we opened our eyes and to our surprise, we saw a multi pink colored Pokemon.

The Pokemon was levitating above the air, and was such a beauty to look at. Its head and tail was shaped like crescent moons, and it was still singing that beautiful piece of music. Recalling all the Legendary Pokemons that I have heard of, this one, I believed was known to be Cresselia. My first encounter with a Legendary Pokemon and I was looking at it eye-to-eye and in such short distance.

"If only I could catch it," I muttered to myself, knowing that any attempts to battle it would probably send it running or have my Pokemon weakened one by one knowing how strong a Legendary is. I looked it, realizing that it had no desire whatsoever to attack us or even bother about us, still humming its tune.

"Let's go," I told Leo, eyes still uncontrollably fixed upon that majestic Pokemon...
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