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Default Re: Indiviual RP: Lunar Wing

Yue did brilliant and for one second Luna was just looking to her movements. Yue managed to just as Luna asked and bitted down on the gostly hand with her small jaws. A smile played around Luna's lips but it faded away again as she saw that the Haunter didn't suffer from any damage. How could this be..?
The conclusion came at the same moment as Ranger Marth spoke up. Of course. It stroke through Luna's mind. How could I be so stupid.

"Yue are you alright?" She shouted to the black Pokémon that again was hurled back. Yue nodded and runned forwards again but halted as another hand started to appear before her.

"All right," Luna said thinking. Two punches right and two left, the first one materializing in front of Yue that means..

She blinked and shouted to Yue: 'Watch out there will be one more from a front and then two from behind! You have to dodge them both by using Quick Attack, aim for the right or the left and then speed towards the Haunter. Luke used Foresight on him remember so it should be possible to attack him with a normal attack!"

Yue nodded again and readied herself. Before the hands would struck her she would dazzle of with an enormous speed. Her eyes were no longer fixed on the hands but on the purple Pokémon that floated in the air.
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