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Default Re: Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]

Originally Posted by malcuz View Post
Name Malcolm
Gender Male
Age 15
Appearance brown hair tall blue eyes
Colours Red Rampardos
Powers Strengh and Agility.
Ranger Appearance Red Rampardos Helmet and Red uniform
Weapon Rock Blast Shooter and Head Smash Mace
Part of Giga PokeDroid Head and Torso (tail goes where the Giga PokeDroid's tail should be)
History Malcolm's mom is at work most of the time because of Malcolm's dad's s death. His mom doesn't know where he goes anywhere anytime. He usaully hangs out with his friends and comes home late but his mom comes home even later. He wishes his mom stays home a bit longer.
Other Nothing
Alright, you are IN!