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Default Re: Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]

Hey sounds fun, but SHUT UP EVIL!

Sign up Form
Name: Spector
Gender (Male or Female. And please, try to keep the ratio at least somewhat even): Male
Age (keep it between 10 and 19): 19
Normal Appearance (when they're not in their Ranger form): Spector has white hair, and off-white eyes. His skin is pale white, giving him the nickname, spector. No one knows his real name, so everybody calls him that. His body is built thinly, but this doesn't mean he's not strong. He usually wears black clothes with skulls on them to warn people to stay away or else. He also wears skate-board shoes like these:
Color/Pokemon Powers (look at the "Heroes Needed" section): Green, Super strenght, flight, ability to become invisible and completely silent.
Ranger Suit Appearance: His suit looks like Armaldo with Huge, jet thrusters on it's back, and Two wrist cannons mounted on his claws. Also, the claws have serrated edges.
Weapon (every Ranger gets a blaster and a physcial weapon, like a sword, an axe, et cetera): He has this blaster: Its a Plasma Autorifle, fires Plasma bursts without reloud, but can overheat quickly. He also has this melee weapon:
Parts of the Giga PokeDroid formed (Name which parts our PokeDroid forms when combining to become the Giga PokeDroid) Giant blaster cannon
History (keep it somewhat brief): Not much is known about Spector, but this is. When he was young, he was suffering from a disease which made him very agile and fast, but also aggresive and dim witted. When he overcame this, his dim wittedness disapeared but his aggresivness and agility stayed with him. The disease also caused his skin, hair, and pupils to become a off-white color, and so coupled with his traits, people called him spector.
Other (What else you'd like to throw in?): The Armaldo suit has hidden TOW Rockets and a retracting/opening shield. One more thing. The Right claw/arm morphs into a sniper blaster.

Thanks Mw!
Smashing Stats

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