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Default Re: Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]

Originally Posted by Hawk 645 View Post
Shut Up Evil

Sign up Form (I'll fill in mine later)
Name: Ukira Escrima
Gender (Male or Female. And please, try to keep the ratio at least somewhat even): Male
Age (keep it between 10 and 19): 16
Normal Appearance (when they're not in their Ranger form): Black spiky hair. Yellow shirt. Blue Jeans
Color/Pokemon Powers (look at the "Heroes Needed" section): White Aerodactyal
Ranger Suit Appearance: White and black with wings on his back
Weapon (every Ranger gets a blaster and a physcial weapon, like a sword, an axe, et cetera): Hyper Beam Blaster and Giga Impact Huge Sword
Parts of the Giga PokeDroid formed (Name which parts our PokeDroid forms when combining to become the Giga PokeDroid): Wings and spiky tail
History (keep it somewhat brief): Loves historic pokemon. (Hey you said keep it brief) Very smart
Other (What else you'd like to throw in?): Made a little helper that is like a mini Aerodactyal. It is robotic and can see far distance and pick up sound waves, can turn invisible, Shoot out pellets that can explode on a scale of 1-10 at Ukira's command
Sorry DaSpriter, but your suit needs to resemble your the Prehistoric Pokemon. Other than that, it's fine.

Hawk is in, by the way.