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Default Re: Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]

Originally Posted by DaSpriter View Post
Ok I edited.
Thank you. Everybody so far is IN!

Name: Eric Stalin Wallace
Gender (Male or Female. And please, try to keep the ratio at least somewhat even): Male
Age (keep it between 10 and 19): 14
Normal Appearance (when they're not in their Ranger form): Dark Brown hair, greenish eyes, appears to have pale skin, and tends to wear a black jacket, a tannish shirt, and blue jeans. His sneakers are white.
Color/Pokemon Powers (look at the "Heroes Needed" section): Black Bastiodon. He can collect metallic aura from his surroundings, and use them to create a ball of pure energy, Think WarGreymon's Terra Force attack, only silver and smaller. He also can make his suit rock-solid, to boost his defenses, and can heal himself or his allies if need be.
Ranger Suit Appearance: His helmet looks a whole lot like Bastiodon's face, and the rest is colored like Bastiodon, with solid armor on his arms and legs.
Weapon (every Ranger gets a blaster and a physcial weapon, like a sword, an axe, et cetera): A large Buster Sword with Bastiodon's face on its handle. The blaster is jet black with silver spikes on the sides.
Parts of the Giga PokeDroid formed (Name which parts our PokeDroid forms when combining to become the Giga PokeDroid): Main body, with Bastiodon's face split in half to make the shoulders.
History (keep it somewhat brief): He lives with his grandparents, because his mom and dad went missing, and he recently became injected with Bastiodon DNA.
Other (What else you'd like to throw in?): His PokeDroid is like a Large Bastiodon.