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Default Absolution

Note: There are some Australian spellings in this story.
Eg. center = centre


My insides were twisted in hunger, my stomach had been empty for days, maybe even weeks. Truthfully, I could not remember the last proper meal I had consumed. I sniffed around a trashcan, looking for something edible. Anything that I could use to fill the gaping hole inside me. The bin was filled with old papers, yellowing and mouldy, but they would do. I scratched at them roughly with my torn paw, my long black claws shredding the paper. It was dry and smelt of decay. The taste was even worse, like mothballs and rotten food that had been left out in the sun, but I was desperate. The paper stuck around my fangs. It was soggy and hard to eat but I managed to swallow a few mouthfuls before I gagged at the appalling taste.

Giving up on finding food, I began my slow trudge down the forgotten alleyway, which led from the main road of Saffron out to the borders of the city and then toward the large mountains behind it. It was already dark outside but, being nocturnal, my eyes were well adjusted and therefore I saw easily in the blackness. Numerous trashcans lined the alley, though I could not pick up the scent of food. My empty stomach gurgled hungrily as I continued my solemn walk.

Suddenly I felt something cold upon my face, I brushed it away with my clawed paw, only to find that it was in fact snow. It was already mid-winter, and snow was well overdue for this part of town, especially because it was so close to the mountains where it seemed to be snowing almost all year round. I turned my gaze to the sky for a moment. An eerie orange-tinted moon looked down at me through the grey clouds. It was well past midnight and now large snowflakes were falling. The ground began to shimmer with a white glow, helping me to blend in even better than earlier. Before long, a chilling wind picked up. If it had not been for my long white coat I would have been frozen through within minutes.

I sighed. There was no way I would find any food now. With the snow falling, most Pokemon would have scurried back to their nests, underground, or in the tops of trees. There was no way that I could reach my prey. As I reached the border of Saffron City and the outside world, I began to feel weary. My eyelids were heavy and my limbs sore from my constant wandering. Having no food didn’t help the matter. I sniffed around, looking for a safe place to rest. I had never felt truly safe before in my life. By ‘safe’ I meant a place where I could see anything coming before it saw me.

I had found a good place behind some large rocks. Wearied, I lay down my head straight away. My whiteness blended in to the snowy ground and with the comfort that I should be well camouflaged, I shut my eyes and drifted off into a troubled sleep.

As always, morning came before I expected, and way before I was rested enough. Knowing that it was too dangerous to stay out in the open in broad daylight, I hurriedly got to my feet, shook the snow from my fur and blinked my eyes.

It was an overcast day. The whole world seemed to have adopted a blanket of white as the snow had covered mostly everything. In turn, this would make it easier for me. Nearly everything stood out against the white backdrop. I, however, was an exception.

I continued on my way, performing the daily act of searching for food. I went where ever my nose took me, and I found myself being drawn toward the large mountains in front of my eyes. Knowing that there would be scarce food up there, if any, didn’t really affect my decision, as I knew I was just as unlikely to find any food down here. I padded slowly up the mountain trail, lost in thought.


My whole body stiffened. That was the unmistakable call of an Absol.


The call from leader to follower. I continued cautiously, on the look out for a flash of blackness in the white snow.

After about half an hour of walking, I was startled by movement behind me. It was either an attacker, or prey. Sensing a chance at finally getting some decent food, I cautiously moved to the side of the pathway, using the camouflage powers of my coat fully.

After a few minutes a strange shape came into view down the path. On closer inspection it was a large Pokemon carrying a human. I shuddered. Humans were the beginning of all my problems. Retreating slightly more into the snow, I watched them approach, my hope that I would find food slowly melted away.

The Pokemon, an Arcanine, had stopped a few yards back and was now sniffing the air. I cursed under my breath as I realised that my invisibility in the snow would not carry to my scent.

“What’s wrong, Arcanine?” the human said, climbing off the Pokemon’s back.

“Arc, Arcanine.” Arcanine barked.

I wondered why the human bothered talking to it. It was unlikely she could understand anything the Arcanine said. I, however, could. So I listened as the Arcanine explained that there was a strange scent in the air. It then proceeded to move forwards, coming closer and closer to my hiding spot.

I flinched as its great eyes passed over me. There was no way that I could take that beast in a fair fight. I had the element of surprise, at least for a little while longer, and I planned to use it.

“Arooooo!” I howled as I jumped from the snow.

The trainer stepped back in fear at my presence. I was pleased, that was how things should be.

But instead of running away like I had hoped, the human pulled out a red device and pointed it my way. I was startled by this thing, was she trying to attack me?

“Absol, the disaster Pokemon. These Pokemon can live to be hundreds of years old. Absol live in harsh, rugged mountain environments. Absol have fine coats and powerful looking scythes on their heads, making them targets for Pokemon poachers.”

When the device stopped, I looked down at myself. I felt slightly ashamed at my appearance. My coat did not look at all fine, in fact it was knotted and matted, small twigs and other debris was caught around my mane.

The human seemed to notice this too as she looked at me with pitying eyes. I didn’t want her pity, I didn’t want anything from any human, ever.

When I didn’t attack, the human stepped closer to me. She rummaged in a large bag, pulling out a morsel of food. My stomach growled hungrily, but I would not accept charity from humans.

I growled angrily, taking a step toward her. The Arcanine jumped in front of her protectively. I sneered at its loyalty.

“You are a legendary beast, yet you are a slave to humans. You are a disgrace to Pokemon.” I spat, my brown eyes glinting.

“I am not a slave!” The Arcanine roared, it’s coat flaring up.

“Arcanine, stop it.” The human said, recalling Arcanine to her side.

And the great beast listened to her.

“See, you are but a stupid loyal slave, obeying her every order like an overgrown puppy.” I taunted.

The Arcanine shot daggers at me through its eyes, yet it would not disobey its human master.

“ you want some food? Here you go.” The human got down on one knee and called to me. But I was no slave to humans and I would definitely not take her food.

My stomach disagreed, but I had made up my mind. I was starved, but I was not stupid.

I began jumping from side to side, whipping up a small whirlwind. After I had gathered enough power I released it at the human.

It struck both human and Pokemon, giving me my chance to escape. I licked my torn paw before hurrying off the path and into the snow, where I felt I would be safest.

I bounded over piles of snow and rocks and dodged around trees, using all my pent up energy. By the time I stopped there was no sign of the human, or of anything else except snow. Miles and miles of white snow.

I licked at the ground as a smile came over my face. I felt sort of free, surrounded by all the whiteness.


It seemed as if I had let my guard down too soon. The hairs on the back of my neck pricked up. I had been sighted.

I turned slowly in a clockwise direction, trying to detect my attacker. Then to my left I saw it, a flash of black against the white snow. I growled in that direction.

An Absol stepped out from behind a rock, sneering at me. Its coat was well groomed, not a scratch graced its muscly body.

“Aroooo!” it cried, signalling the others.

By then I knew it was too late to flee. I had been surrounded.

Slowly more Absol came up from the snow like beasts immerging from dark water. There were at least seven of them and there was no way that I could fight them all and make it out alive.

“Comrades...” I started, trying the only thing I could think of at that moment.

“We are no comrades of yours.” Sneered one of the Absol behind me.

“Filthy street animal.” Growled an Absol to my left.

“Please, I am one of you.” I pleaded.

“Maybe you are one of us.” The first Absol said, eyeing me greedily, “But we have not eaten yet today, and we are hungry.”

“Cannibalism?” I yelped, fury overcoming my actions. “Well then, you are certainly no comrades of mine!”

I leapt toward the Pokemon, my fangs beared and my large black claws outstretched. I slashed the Absol down the face with my right paw, but he managed to dodge the left.

“Fool!” screeched the Absol, lunging back at me. It opened its great mouth, preparing for a Bite attack.

At the last second I dodged to the right. I was skilled in combat, having lived most of my life alone, having to protect myself.

The Absol growled, “Aroooo!”, and suddenly I was surrounded by all of them with nowhere left to run.

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