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Default Re: |Individual RP: Neltharion_Deathwing |

“Let’s go up that hill now!” Leo said with a shrug, as he began walking up the hill. The grass was getting taller, in fact it was now up to my waist and with each step, I had to peel off grasses just to be able to see the road ahead of me. In the meantime though, I was looking for any Pokemons that could have been around or have been known to lurk in tall grasses.

"Be careful in this area, you do no want to step on any wild sleeping Pokemon," warned Leo, continuing to walk straight cautiously while guiding the way. He was right. I had to be careful, I would not want Pokemons coming after me like hungry behemoths just because I had accidentally provoked them due to poor vision. I would not like getting interrupted while I'm sleeping too.

All of a sudden, the grasses ahead of us began rustling violently. Something is amiss! I thought in my head, eyes fixed upon what was happening in front of me now. Without warning, a black dog species Pokemon jumped out and appeared from the grasses. It had yellow ring prints on its forehead and its legs, and yellow stripes on its ears n tail. Looking at us silently, it prepared itself for a battle, bending its front body low while lifting its tail high up to try to intimidate us. Though somehow, I could sense that it was not hostile and was probably checking us out of curiosity.

"Looks like it may want to battle, what are you going to do?" Leo asked, jolting me out of my thoughts. Was it? I wondered but at least I knew I was not interested in battling this tough little Pokemon.

"Think we can leave it here somehow?" I asked back, though somewhat like an answer signalling my wish to ignore it. I looked at Leo, waiting for his next move...
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