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I was watching the human intently, wondering what having a trainer would be like. My gaze landed on her injured hand, nasty red gashes lined her skin. I flinched at the sight of the pain I had inflicted. She touched her hand when she saw me looking at it.

“It’s ok.” she said softly, pulling her long sleeved jumper down over her injury.

A light snow was falling, adding another layer to the large blanket that already smothered the earth.

“Let us begin!” The Arcanine said.

“Tackle!” The human commanded.

Arcanine bounded toward me, his great paws barely touching the ground.

I shut my eyes as I envisioned him coming toward me. I imagined myself duplicating, breaking into copies of myself.

When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by duplicates. I smiled, my Double Team attack had succeeded. I watched Arcanine race toward one of my copies, crashing straight through it as it disappeared into thin air.

“Use Flamethrower to find the real one!” Arcanine’s trainer called, it seemed as if she knew what she was doing.

“Grooowl!” Arcanine howled, opening his large mouth to reveal huge, canine fans. A powerful flame erupted from his mouth, blasting my doubles as they vanished.

I could feel the heat of the Flamethrower, but I had to wait until the right moment to make my move.

Arcanine turned to face me and I saw a flash of recognition in his eyes. He could tell me apart from my copies. As the heat from the Flamethrower burnt my face, I jumped into the air, landing behind him. I lowered my head and raced at him, slashing him across the back.

“Grooowl!” He cried in pain as the scythe on my head made contact with his skin.

“Arcanine!” His trainer called worriedly, but the canine did not seem too phased by the blood running down his back.

“Well, if you’re sure you’re ok...use Agility!” Arcanine’s trainer called.

“Arc!” Arcanine barked before dodging from left to right, building up his speed.

An attack at that speed could be fatal. I had to get away...

I used Double Team again, my copies surrounded the Arcanine, giving him no where left to run without taking the risk of being attacked. Now that I felt protected, I took the chance to look up at the human. To my surprise she was smiling. I watched Arcanine confusedly.

Larger snowflakes began to fall, making it harder to see. Grey clouds rolled overhead and a chilling wind picked up, ruffling my fur. I would be nearly invisible in this weather. I smiled to myself.

“Odour Sleuth!” The human yelled.

I groaned. So much for my invisibility.

Arcanine stopped running, his large paws coming to a rest on the soft ground. He was panting slightly, it seemed as if his injury was taking its toll. He began to sniff the air, using my scent to track me. He sniffed for a few more moments before coming to rest in front of me. My copies disappeared, I had been found.

“Now, Flamethrower!”

Arcanine leapt at me, flames spluttering from his mouth. They scorched my body as I struggled to escape the burning heat. I howled, using Sword Dance to raise my attack power and protect me from the Flamethrower.

I jumped backwards, my body glowing with power. I began jumping from left to right, whipping up a small storm of my own. I then sent the Razor Wind attack at Arcanine. It mixed with the falling snow, causing a mini blizzard. I could barely see through the blinding snow, and I doubted Arcanine could either. I smiled in satisfaction as I heard him howl. It seemed my attack had been a success.

I peered through the snow, a large still object was blocking my view. Arcanine had been frozen solid. The snow had helped me once again.

I looked up at Arcanine’s trainer. She had one arm across her face, trying to aid her sight. Her clothes billowed and ruffled in the wind.

“ARCANINE,” she cried, probably hoping that he would be able to hear her over the noise of the storm, “USE FLAMEWHEEL!”

Suddenly everything began to glow red as the ice that Arcanine was trapped in lit up from the inside, like a giant light bulb. It cast red light over the snow, making it glisten in the midst of the snowstorm.

Suddenly the Flame Wheel erupted and Arcanine was trapped inside a ball of fire. The ice was no more than a puddle of water at the great beast’s feet.

“NOW, TAKE DOWN!” Yelled the human through the snow.

Arcanine’s flaming body was a blur as it rushed toward me. My feet were frozen to the ice as the burning monster leapt at me. I was thrown backwards, landing in the cold snow as I felt my breath leave my body. I was still weak from the attack of the Absol. I couldn't let Arcanine attack me again. Panting and weary, I carefully managed to get to my feet. I ignored the pain in my left paw and shut my eyes as I summoned my most powerful attack.

My eyes glowed purple as I called upon the power hidden inside of me. The gem on my head began to glow as well, signalling the coming of the assault.

I could see specks forming around Arcanine. They grew, slowly but surely. It was only a matter of time.


“No!” I whimpered. All I needed were a few more seconds...a few more and my Future Sight attack would be ready...


Arcanine howled as he slammed into me, knocking me backwards once again. This time, there was no way that I could get up. I shut my eyes as I felt the will to fight leave me.

“You won.” I whispered inaudibly as I fell to the ground, on the verge of fainting.

I watched through one slightly open eye as Arcanine stumbled, but did not fall. The great beast was still bleeding, his blood casting an ugly pattern onto the pure snow. He was panting heavily, his large pink tongue hanging limply from his mouth as he gasped, trying to catch his breath. The human ran toward him, patting him behind the ears. He looked into her eyes as she grabbed a blue and red ball from her belt. She thrust it at me, almost violently. I shut both eyes tightly as the orb closed in on me, preparing to be pulled in.

I could feel a strange tingling sensation throughout my body as everything went red. I felt myself being sucked up as I imagined my spirit being pulled into the ball. I struggled against the force that was holding me, but there seemed to be no escape. Once the pulling sensation was over, I opened my eyes. Everything was black, even my whiteness did not repel the dark. I flailed, suddenly afraid. I slashed in all directions, trying to find an opening in the fabric of time through which I could escape. My body was still tingling as I began to feel claustrophobic.

“Let me go!” I cried, rethinking my decision. Tears began to form in my eyes as I realised that this is what the rest of my life could be like.

Please, I don’t want this. I want to be free...please, let me be free.”

“You are free, Kouri,” something whispered, “You’re always free...”

I fell to the ground dizzily, my head spinning, wondering whether this ball would seal my fate...

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