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Default Re: |Individual RP: Neltharion_Deathwing |


Ranger : Leo

Location : Meteor Valley


"Think we can leave it here somehow?" He asked, looking at me as if I was supposed to make the next move. I shrugged and looked at the watchful Umbreon as we tried to pass it up. It circled us, but did not engage in battle. I didn’t think it was going to make a move unless we did, and I didn’t think that Nel was going to try and capture it, so we could perhaps leave this area. We might get lucky and be able to avoid having to spar with this wild Pokémon. I motioned for Nel to recede slowly from this area; we did not want to startle it. As we backed away, I noticed that it just kept watching us as we backed away. We went down the other side of the hill.

“Well, you got lucky this time,” I grinned, “usually Pokémon don’t want to let you go from a battle. Well at least we got down the other side of the hill, let’s see who we can encounter!”

We walked away from the hill. On the grass patches to our left, I heard a rustling sound again. My first thoughts were that the Umbreon from earlier still wanted to battle. I looked back up to the hill in which we left it, but did not see it there.

“It looks like that Umbreon is persistent!” I whispered to Nel. Then, I heard the grass patches behind us begin to rattle. I had a bad feeling about this. It looked like two Pokémon were among us. If they wanted to battle Nel at the same time, this could be trouble for him, especially since the Pokémon here know their way around. Nel would have to keep an eye on both Pokémon. The some bushes fifteen feet away from us began to rattle. I was beginning to think we were being ambushed. The Pokémon here usually did not attack Rangers and Trainers, especially not in groups. Perhaps we were in their territory and they thought we were intruding.

“Be careful, they’re surrounding us.” I whispered to Nel, making sure he was ready for battle. Then the grass patch in front of us began to rattle louder. Soon after, a small Abra emerged from the bushes. The Abra teleported to our left and cocked its head. Then it teleport to our right and cocked its head in the other direction and slowly approached us. I chuckled a bit.

“It was just an Abra teleporting around us.” I laughed quietly, not wanting to scare it away. “It looks friendly since it is approaching us without caution. You want to battle this guy?”


Wild Pokemon: Abra
Nature : ???
Gender : ???
Ability : ???
Stats Changes :
Health : 100%
Moves: ???

Your Pokemon: ???
Nature : ???
Gender : ???
Ability : ???
Stats Changes : ???
Health : ???%
Moves: ???


Trainer: Neltharion_Deathwing

Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects: Cloudy, Tall Grass

Encounters Remaining: 10

Money: $2250 (Let me know if this changes)

Items: 5 x Super Ball , 1 x Supreme Park Ball, 2 x Full heal, 2 x Max Potion, 1 x Mega Pufifn


Pokemon: Houndoom [In Ball]
Nickname: Dark
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Docile
TM/HM: -

Pokemon: Dragonite [In Ball]
Nickname: Drack
Gender: Female
HP: 82%
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Brave
TM/HM : -

Pokemon: Metagross [In Ball]
Nickname: Steel
Gender: Male
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Serious
TM/HM: MT Ice Punch / TM Flash Cannon

Pokemon encountered: Poochyena [Calm] - Murkrow [Captured] - Cresselia [Docile] - Umbreon [???] – Careful – Abra [???]

On-going battles: Abra vs. ???

Pokemon Captured: Impish Male Murkrow [35%]

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