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Default Re: Individual RP: Marth


Ranger : Leo

Location : Meteor Valley

"Greetings, Leo. I am Marth. I would like to complete this wonderful crystal cavern, for it has hosted already a worthy Pokémon to be captured" He replied, tapping a Pokeball. "You may lead the way, or we could go to somewhere else, it's up to you, Ranger."

“Yeah, okay then,” I started, this kid sure did not act like any normal kid his age, but it was alright. “Let’s just head this way since we are already faced this way” I chuckled a little. Marth’s personality was going to make this an interesting adventure. I looked around to familiarize myself with the current location I was in. Sometimes these places all looked the same. Caves however were easier to distinguish. I had been so caught up in trying to find Sokka that I hadn’t noticed that I was inside a cave. It had crystals that reflect light from the holes in the top of the cave. Some of the crystals even illuminated purple-ish color. “Alight, let’s head forward and see what kind of interesting things we can encounter.”

I kept my eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. I stopped when I heard soft footsteps coming towards us from behind. Whatever it was appeared to be fast. Then a small black dog came into view. It was a Houndoom.

“You want to battle this Houndoom?” I asked Marth, trying to keep a straight face. “Just kidding, this here is Shadow, my partner. Looks like you are done with that errand. Well, let’s go.” As I said that, I heard a loud ghostly sound. It was more of an angry cry or screech. I looked around, but I could not find anything that was making that noise. The Shadow pointed with his tail to our left and began barking. I turned in that direction, but could not see anything. Then, it a ghostly purple haze appeared in besides us. I saw small spiral begin to take shape and some green spots.

“SPIRITOMB!” It shrieked again. This was going to be a difficult Pokémon to capture because of its no weakness, but I am sure that Marth would come up with something to capture this fiend.

“All yours!” I said, stepping back as I watched Marth, eager to see what he would do.


Wild Pokemon: Spiritomb
Nature : ???
Gender : ???
Ability : Pressure
Stats Changes :
Health : 100%
Moves: ???

Your Pokemon: ???
Nature : ???
Gender : ???
Ability : ???
Stats Changes : ???
Health : ???%
Moves: ???
Trainer: Marth

Encounters Left: 10

Encounters- ??? Spiritomb
??? Genderless Unown W
??? ??? Cleffa
??? ??? Spoink
??? Male Espeon

Trainer Stats

Name: Marth
Location: Meteor Valley
Items: 2 Repellents, 1 Family Repellent, Digital Camera, Max Potion, 4 Parkballs, 3 Superballs, 2 Hyperballs


Hardy Male Infernape (Aerial Ace, Attract, Brick Break, Bulk up, Calm Mind, Earthquake, Fling, Fire Blast, Focus Punch, Grass Knot, Overheat, Poison Jab, Protect, Rest, Return, Roar, Rock Tamb, Shadow Claw, Sleep Talk, Solarbeam, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Swords Dance, Toxic, U-Turn, Will-O-Wisp, Encore, Fake out) <Blaze>
100% SLEEP - 1

Calm Male Dragonite (Brick Break, Protect, Substitute, Roost, Ice Beam, Surf, Thunder, Extremespeed, Superpower, Heal Bell) <Inner Focus>
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