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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Ranger Charlie
Outer Heaven

Saudaje tentatively looked in the Drifloon's direction, growing confidence in the fact that she was asleep and, therefore, not a threat. She closed her eyes and stood at a safe distance, and pressed her hands together as she began to hum a melody which brought a gleaming sphere of pure ice into her grasp. Whisking her hands away from her, the ice floated under the sleeping Drifloon and suddenly exploded in a gush of frozen, icy wind; throwing the Pokemon away from the way the natural current of air was pushing her.

This caused Drifloon to jolt awake and blunder around for a few seconds, apparently unaware of what was going on. Although Drifloon suddenly woke up, the Icy Wind attack hadn't so much hurt her as it had simply pushed her away from the ledge. Saudaje was simply too hesitant in the attack; and the Drifloon noticed how Saudaje shied away from her.

The Ghost Pokemon inflated its round, purple body once more, and immediately zoomed towards Saudaje with an intimidating air. The Jynx yelped, and ducked; but not soon enough to avoid seeing Drifloon's face grow wide and haunting, her eyes bulging out of the sockets and wagging its spindly, yellow arms from side to side in a teasing manner. The Astonish attack worked very well; Saudaje seemed to be especially prone to it, and fell backwards with a startled cry.

It looked as though the Jynx was surely incredibly shaken; and Drifloon rose upwards in a triumphant swoop. It was then that she noticed the impact the Icy Wind had left on her foot; a tiny ice shard, which burned into it with great effectiveness. Yelping, Drifloon spun around in circles trying to get it off, but not before the iciness of it had caused a considerable amount of damage to the poor Flying type.

Saudaje looked upwards, becoming encouraged by Drifloon's less-than-intimidating actions. Softly beginning to hum a melody to calm herself, she stood up carefully and looked towards Brisbane for instructions.

Furthermore, it seemed as though Saudaje's attack - well, more of an icy chill blown through the air - had caused an unnatural chill to settle around us. I shivered, drawing my Ranger jacket over my shoulders.


Careful Female Jinx [Saudaje] [Forewarn] - 78%
??? Female Drifloon [Aftermath] - 88.54%


Trainer Stats:
Brisbane Kreutzhart
1x Full Restore, 4x Max Potion, 5x Hyper Balls, 1x Type Repellent, 1x Ranger's Delight, 1x Supreme Park Ball

Area Effects:
[Outer Heaven]
A smooth pathway high in the sky, surrounded by impressive and strong leafy trees filled with Pokemon.
Sunny, but with cold wind blowing.
13 Encounters left.

Pokemon Stats:
Bashful Male Magmortar [Firada] [Flame Body] - 100%
Jolly Female Flygon [Lybel] [Levitate] - 100%

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Encountered: Pidgey, Drifloon
Pokemon Captured: N/A
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