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Default Re: Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]

Originally Posted by Grsspkmnmaster View Post
Name: Angela Feyr
Gender: Female Borgrox
Age: 16
Normal Appearance: This is what she looks like normally. She is about 5'4" and weighs a mere 110 pounds. She usually wears an aqua blue tank-top which leaves her navel area exposed. She also wears slightly ripped denim jeans, and has her hair down to her mid torso. Her build is average, not too fat, yet not too muscular.
Pokemon Powers: Breloom- This is her appearance when she takes on her pokemon traits.
Weapon: Energy Halberd- most oftenly strapped to her back. The blade is activated by a button on the shaft. She also carries an energy submachine gun, in the shape of an AK-47
Machine: Breloom Mech- Imagine the mechs from the Matrix movies, shown herem shaped as a Breloom. Instead of guns two red blades are mounted to arms which can extend freely.
History: Raised on the Borgrox home world, she has been raised as a pure fighting personality. She is incredibly independant, and has been raised to work on her own as a spy. She has worked all her life to get to the point where she is right now. Right hand assistant to Czar Gorophus, and has been dispatched to earth in order to start the invasion and gain intelligence on how the invasion should proceed.
Other: SHUT UP EVIL!!!
You're in! Alrighty, then!