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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64


“That was the plan,” Rowan replied with a grin. She then released one of her Pokemon, a Noctowl, and commanded him to use Confusion. The large owl promptly did as instructed, directing his gaze towards a pile of rocks and emitting an eerie blue beam of psychic energy from the thick tufts of feathers above his eyes. The beams struck the pile of stones and lifted them into the air, while Diglett simply watched in curiosity. The mole didn’t seem to realize it was officially engaged in battle, and still seemed more interested in Rowan than in whatever Noctowl was doing.

That was, of course, until the rocks suddenly sheared through the air towards the little Pokemon. It didn’t seem to realize what was going on at first, since it couldn’t see very well, but once the rocks were close enough for it to make out, Diglett let out a yelp and tried to vanish into its hole. One rock shot out in front of the others, though, and hit the poor little thing square between its tiny eyes.

“DigLETT!” the Pokemon squealed, shaking its head as the other rocks zoomed by it without hitting. A scratch could be seen on the Pokemon’s forehead from where the rock had struck, showing that the blow had had a fair bit of force behind it. Whether in response to the pain or simply because it was angered by the attack, Diglett opened its mouth wide and inhaled deeply, then exhaled the air in its lungs in an awful, ear-shattering scream. I cringed in pain and scooted away from the battlefield, and even BlazeFist winced a little as the Screech reverberated within the rocky walls of the tunnel.

“That thing’s got a pair of lungs!” I said, but didn’t think anyone could hear me over the racket Diglett was making. Noctowl had landed, having come close to crashing into the stony floor when Diglett first started its attack, and now the owl was flapping his wings and looking quite unsettled by the move.

Finally, Diglett ceased Screeching, but the echoes continued to sound all around us as the little mole glared its beady eyes at Noctowl, clearly planning the next phase of its assault. With the bird currently grounded and distracted by the ringing in his ears, Diglett decided to try its favorite move on the other Pokemon. Popping underground, the mole began to rapidly dig back and forth, disturbing the ground so much that seismic waves started to make the rocky cave floor tremble. The shaking slowly got worse, but just as it reached its peak it quickly tapered off, leaving Noctowl sprawled on the ground looking somewhat dizzy.

“That was a Magnitude attack,” I said, leaning against the cave wall to stay upright on my unsteady legs. “Probably only a three or so, on the Richter scale. Despite how shaky the ground got it didn’t last very long. Stronger Magnitudes usually last for several seconds, sometimes even up to a minute. It’s a good thing Diglett’s wasn’t that strong…”



-Modest Male Noctowl: 72.27% [Defense lowered x2]
-? ? Diglett: 71.42%


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Rowan Dalca
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 10
Sweet Sensations spray count- 7

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Male Tyranitar (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HP Fighting, Water Pulse) <Sand Stream Ability>

-Hasty Female Azumarill (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Waterfall) <Huge Power Ability>

-Adamant Female Swampert <Torrent Ability>

-Modest Male Noctowl <Keen Eye Ability>
72.27% <Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle>

Total Items: Hyper Ball x2 ; Superball x3 ; Park Ball x4 ; Max Potion x3 ; Full Heal x2 ; Full Restore ; x1 Sweet Sensation sprays ; x2 Bitter Berry sprays ; Sour Starfruit spray

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Vulpix (1st Encounter)
Ponyta (2nd Encounter)
Geodude (3rd Encounter)
Combusken (4th Encounter)
Diglett (5th Encounter)

Total Pokemon Captured:
Quirky Male Vulpix


OOC: Dig's gender?
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