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Default Re: Individual RP: TsukiKaiki64

Rowan covered her ears quickly, pushing her hands tightly against her head to try and block out the sound of Diglett’s screech. Sara was right- that thing did have a strong pair of lungs. Strangely, however, Rowan noticed that she couldn’t quite pinpoint the sound as Diglett had no visible mouth. The Romanian quickly pushed it out of her mind, shaking her head as she tried to clear it. She let out a loud sigh of relief when the Screeching ended.

Vanator was dazed by the attack; his guard obviously dropped and was even more startled when the ground began to shake. At first, Vanator was just curious as to why the ground was shaking—he thought that it might be because of his dizziness. But as that cleared up, the Noctowl realized that the ground was really shaking from a weak Magnitude thanks to Diglett.

Vanator, try a Zen Headbutt,” Rowan said, her voice slightly out of whack. It seemed like she also took a fair beating from the Magnitude.

Vanator nodded, flying back into the air and preparing for his attack. His head—mainly the long tufts of feathers over his eyes—began to glow a hypnotic blue. Vanator swirled towards his opponent with vicious speed. He looked like a bullet, speeding through time towards his target. Rowan just prayed it would hit.

OCC;; wow, this is short. sorry for the lack of muse

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