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Default Re: The Trading Depot [Post Small Trades Here]

Game Name: Ian
Friend Code: 0775-2696-3644
How you want to be contacted: PM
Pokemon Looking For:
- Jirachi, legit but I don't care if it's cloned
Pokemon Willing to Trade:
(all Untouched unless said otherwise)
- Hachlings of Eevee, Vulpix, Smeargle (only Sketch), Dratini, Horsea, Riolu, Cubone, Chansey, Piplup, Oddish. I can probably get babies of other basic Pokemon, just ask.
- Male Lax Electivire Lvl 39
- Jolly Mesprit
- Impish Uxie
- Docile Azelf with a 31 SpA IV
- Quiet Dialga
- Shiny Timid Cubone Lvl 23

I can probably try to grab other non-legendary Pokemon (like those from Hoenn) too, just ask.