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A Spiritomb, eh? This was certainly a challenge, for they had no type weakness that could be exploited. Infernape was asleep, so it would be Dragonite's turn to fight.

I paused for a moment to quickly measure my options. The cave wasn't very big, so it would be impossible to take advantage of Dragonite's airborne long-distance fighting capabilities. Spiritomb, on the other hand, was perfectly able to levitate, if not maybe as fast as Dragonite, but still enough to chase in mid-air.

However, Dragonite's small wings had one advantage over other Pokémon's: Maneuvering. Small wings allow for fast flaps, and fast flaps means constant adjustments on direction, speed and stability. That's why Dragonite is not as fast as Salamence, or Flygon, or Aerodactyl, but it certainly can move like a Yanmega in the air.This suited my Dragonite very well, for she had a calm temper, and would rarely get carried away with the battle.

The first move was then obvious... Dragon Dance. Dragonite was already faster than Spiritomb, but I wanted her to be faster than some of Spiritomb's attacks that were high speed, such as shadow sneak or sucker punch. The extra attack was going to come in handy later.

The second question was how to engage this Spiritomb. I was not worried about Spiritomb's direct attacks, rather, I was worried about the indirect moves it could use. Those could seriously harm Dragonite. The second move was then a natural follow up from the first, and the combination was something I had used before with excellent results.

"Dragonite, Dragon Dance and Outrage-no-jutsu!" I ordered, as soon as Dragonite was released. Nite immediately performed a quick ritual that boosted her speed and power; by flapping her wings in a certain angle, she would remain static in the air while heating-up his muscles. The extra muscle contraction meant more blood would reach her heart, and as autopsy results have taught us, a Dragon Heart is a very powerful organ. Somehow, the heart is what gives the Dragon the energy to perform many moves, including special attacks such as dragon rage. The blue flame is actually the vaporized blood of a Dragon, which is cyanogen in color. The faster the blood gets to the heart, the more blood that reaches the Dragon Pouch for creating the flames, and the more nutrients the muscles get for performing physical attacks.
The result was simply an increase of speed and power.

Now, the second part was trickier. To add no-jutsu to the order meant that my Dragonite would not immediately attack, but would rather create first a substitute decoy. This decoy would take the hit of any attack the opponent would create, then Dragonite would escape underneath the decoy to position itself behind the opponent in the flash of an eye. More than usual the intended attack from the opponent carried a small explosion effect, with smoke that would give the movement a more stealthy advantage. The enemy would be fooled to think Dragonite had been KO'd, but the triumphant smile would fade away when the decoy dissipated before their eyes, and then were struck by a surprise attack from behind.

This combination was only possible when Dragonite had warmed up and was at full energy... like now. Once Dragonite had positioned itself behind Spiritomb, it would launch an Outrage attack, which consisted of an inmediate release of all the content of the Dragon Pouch I mentioned earlier in a swirling twister of blue and yellow energy powerful enough to OnehitKo a weak Pokémon. This outburst of energy often clouded a Dragon's mind and judgment; it could even make any other Dragonite attack me or a teammate. But this would probably not be the case, for Nite was a Pokémon with a will of a Tyrogue and the coolness of a Froslass. On all the years I had trained with Dragonite, I had still to see one outrage she performed that impaired her judgment to receive another order...
By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
StunkyLupus (12:07:04): OWNEDDDDDDD

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