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Default Re: Forum Free For All: Turn 2 Posted!

This post is old, read the next post for updated stats and stuff.

NOTE: Redirected moves' targets random Pokemon.

A Raichu loses health for not making a move.
Arcanine loses health for not making a move.
A Gliscor loses health for not making a move. A Gliscor faints!
A Kingdra loses health for not making a move.
Gyarados loses health for not making a move.
B Poliwrath loses health for not making a move. B Poliwrath faints!
Swablu loses health for not making a move. Swablu faints!
Rhyperior loses health for not making a move.
B Spiritomb loses health for not making a move.
Slowking loses health for not making a move. Slowking faints!
A Snorlax loses health for not making a move.
Lileep loses health for not making a move. Lileep faints!
Seaking uses Protect.
A Dusknoir uses Shadow Sneak on Alakazam.
B Metagross uses Substitute.
C Kingdra uses Waterfall on Aerodactyl. No flinch.
Dragonite uses Dragon Dance.
C Cradily uses Substitute.
Aerodactyl's and Crobat's order is randomized.
Crobat uses Substitute.
Aerodactyl uses Thunder Fang on A Starmie. Hits, Substitute breaks.
Alakazam's, A Sceptile's, and B Sceptile's order is randomized.
B Sceptile uses Leech Seed on B Starmie. Hits.
A Sceptile uses Leaf Blade on B Starmie. Critical hit, KO! A Sceptile regains full health.
Alakazam uses Barrier.
A Starmie's and B Starmie's order is randomized.
C Starmie uses Skill Swap on Electivire. Natural Cure and Motor Drive are swapped.
A Starmie uses Recover.
A Espeon's, B Espeon's, A Gengar's, and B Gengar's order is randomized.
B Gengar uses Energy Ball on Aron, KO! B Gengar regains full health.
B Espeon uses Psychic on B Poliwrath. Redirected to A Tyranitar, fails.
A Espeon uses Calm Mind.
A Gengar uses Giga Drain on Golem. A Gengar regains some health.
Garchomp uses Swords Dance.
Charizard's, A Miltank's, B Miltank's, C Miltank's, B Raichu's, and Salamence's order is randomized.
B Miltank uses Fire Punch on A Sceptile. No burn.
Salamence uses Dragon Dance.
A Miltank uses Milk Drink.
Charizard uses Swords Dance.
C Miltank uses Return on Swablu. Redirected to Milotic. Substitute breaks.
B Raichu uses Nasty Plot.
Electivire's, B Gliscor's and Leafeon's order is randomized.
B Gliscor uses Thunder Fang on Gyarados. Hits, KO! B Gliscor regains full health.
Leafeon uses X-Scissor on B Espeon, KO! Leafeon regains full health.
Electivire uses Low Kick on Golem, KO! Electivire regains full health.
Lucario's, Mrs. Mime's, Porygon Z's, and Zangoose's order is randomized.
Zangoose uses Taunt on A Cradily.
Mrs. Mime uses Barrier.
Porygon-Z uses Thunderbolt on Aron. Redirected to A Espeon. Substitute stays. 
Lucario uses Iron Defense.
Rotom-H uses Substitute.
B Kingdra's and D Kingdra's order is randomized.
D Kingdra uses Surf on Golem. Redirected to Leafeon.
B Kingdra uses Rest.
Milotic uses Aqua Ring.
Charmeleon's, Gallade's, Gardevoir's, and Togekiss' order is randomized.
Togekiss uses Aura Sphere on Ditto, KO! Togekiss regains full health.
Gallade uses Swords Dance.
Gardevoir uses Wish.
Charmeleon uses Flamethrower on Lileep. Redirected to A Tyranitar. No burn.
Blastoise uses Ice Beam on Aerodactyl, KO! Blastoise regains full health.
A Metagross', C Metagross', and A Poliwrath's order is randomized.
A Poliwrath uses Amnesia.
C Metagross uses Magnet Rise.
A Metagross uses Agility.
A Lanturn's and B Lanturn's order is randomized.
A Lanturn uses Stockpile.
B Lanturn uses Agility.
Walrein uses Crunch on Alakazam. No drop.
A Tyranitar's and B Tyranitar's order is randomized.
A Tyranitar uses Earthquake on Combusken.
B Tyranitar uses Ice Fang on A Tyranitar. Hits, no freeze.
Ampharos' and Combusken's order is randomized.
Combusken uses Flamethrower on A Metagross, KO! Combusken regains full health.
Ampharos uses Thunder on Slowbro. Hits, no paralysis.
Lickilicky uses Curse.
B Dusknoir uses Thunderpunch on Slowking. Redirected to A Lanturn. Lanturn regains health with Volt Absorb.
A Cradily's, B Cradily's, and D Cradily's order is randomized.
B Cradily uses Stockpile.
D Cradily uses Rock Polish.
A Cradily is unable to use Ingrain after Taunt.
Vespiqueen uses Defend Order.
Poochyena's and A Spiritomb's order is randomized.
Poochyena uses Crunch on Ditto. Redirected to Seaking, fails.
A Spiritomb uses Substitute.
Bronzong uses Iron Defense.
Slowbro uses Substitute.
Sandstorm rages.
Milotic regains health with Aqua Ring.
A Starmie was sapped by Leech Seed. 
B Sceptile regains health with Leech Seed.

Dragonite ♀ 259 SPD [87.56%] [Attack/Speed +2]
B Metagross 239 SPD [75%] [Sub][Speed +2]
Seaking ♂ 235 SPD [87.91%] [Speed +2]
B Lanturn ♀ 233 SPD [62.78%] [Sub][Speed +2]
Salamence ♀ 299 SPD [62.94%] [Attack/Speed +1]
C Kingdra ♂ 269 SPD [87.57%] [Attack/Speed +1]
C Cradily ♀ 185 SPD [75%] [Sub][Speed +2]
D Cradily ♀ 185 SPD [100%] [Speed/Defense +2]
Crobat ♀ 359 SPD [62.83%] [Sub]
Alakazam ♂ 339 SPD [11.46%] [Special Attack/Special Defense +1][Defense +2]
A Sceptile ♂ 339 SPD [54.07%]
B Sceptile ♂ 339 SPD [100%]
A Starmie 329 SPD [81.48%] [Seeded to B Sceptile]
C Starmie 329 SPD [62.65%] (Motor Drive) [Sub]
A Espeon ♂ 319 SPD [63.17%] [Sub][Special Attack/Special Defense +1]
A Gengar ♂ 319 SPD [93.21%] [Sub]
B Gengar ♂ 319 SPD [93.83%] [Sub]
Garchomp ♂ 303 SPD [75%] [Sub][Attack +2]
Charizard ♂ 299 SPD [62.78%] [Sub][Attack +2]
A Miltank ♀ 299 SPD [93.91%] [Sub]
B Miltank ♀ 299 SPD [62.94%] [Sub]
C Miltank ♀ 299 SPD [62.94%] [Sub]
A Raichu ♂ 299 SPD [12.65%] [Sub]
B Raichu ♂ 299 SPD [62.65%] [Sub][Special Attack +2]
Arcanine ♀ 289 SPD [37.50%]
Electivire ♂ 289 SPD [93.79%] (Natural Cure) 
B Gliscor ♀ 289 SPD [100%] [Attack +2]
Leafeon ♂ 289 SPD [73.05%]
Lucario ♂ 279 SPD [75.15%] [Sub][Defense +2]
Mrs. Mime ♀ 279 SPD [63.03%] [Sub][Defense +2]
Porygon-Z 279 SPD [62.83%] [Sub][Attack +1]
Zangoose ♀ 279 SPD [88%] [Attack +2]
Rotom-H 271 SPD [62.50%] [Sub]
A Kingdra ♂ 269 SPD [37.57%]
B Kingdra ♀ 269 SPD [93.79%] [Sub][Sleep]
D Kingdra ♂ 269 SPD [62.71%] [Sub]
Milotic ♀ 261 SPD [69.04%] [AqRing]
Charmeleon ♂ 259 SPD [20.00%]
Gallade ♂ 259 SPD [87.65%] [Attack +3][Defense +1]
Gardevoir ♀ 259 SPD [62.65%] (Marvel Scale) [Sub][Wish]
Togekiss ♀ 259 SPD [93.85%] [Sub]
Blastoise ♂ 255 SPD [93.92%]
C Metagross 239 SPD [75%] [Sub][Magnet Rise 1]
A Poliwrath ♂ 239 SPD [62.50%] [Sub][Special Defense +2]
A Lanturn ♀ 233 SPD [93.83%] [Defense/Special Defense +2][Stockpile 2]
Walrein ♂ 229 SPD [62.74%] [Sub]
A Tyranitar ♀ 221 SPD [77.23%]
B Tyranitar ♂ 221 SPD [100%]
Ampharos ♀ 209 SPD [87.50%] [Magnet Rise 2]
Combusken ♂ 209 SPD [93.83%] 
A Dusknoir ♀ 189 SPD [62.93%] [Sub]
B Dusknoir ♀ 189 SPD [87.76%]
A Cradily ♀ 185 SPD [100%] [Taunt 1][Defense +2]
B Cradily ♂ 185 SPD [75%] [Sub][Defense/Special Defense +1][Stockpile 1][Future Sight 2]
Rhyperior ♂ 179 SPD [25%] [Sub]
Vespiqueen ♀ 179 SPD [62.79%] [Sub][Defense/Special Defense +1]
Poochyena ♂ 169 SPD [37.59%]
A Spiritomb ♀ 169 SPD [62.50%] [Sub]
B Spiritomb ♂ 169 SPD [12.50%] [Sub]
Bronzong 165 SPD [75.15%] [Sub][Defense +2]
Slowbro ♂ 159 SPD [16.50%] [Sub][Special Defense +2]
A Snorlax ♀ 159 SPD [12.79%] [Sub]
Lickilicky ♀ 199 SPD [62.74%] [Sub][Speed -1][Attack/Defense +1]


63 Pokemon left.

Moves in 48 hours

Mistakes found:
-Forgot A Spiritomb's Substitute on stats
-Seaking shouldn't get damaged by Poochyena's Crunch
urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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