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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium <Hiatus>

"Goodmorning," I said to the new Ranger, but then looked up at the sun shining straight overhead, and realised it wasn't quite a morning. I simply shrugged my shoulders and started walking behind my new Ranger, racking my brains on what could have been the reason why Amonea had been called back.

We hadn't walked too far when suddenly the Manectric, walking beside the ranger, started barking loudly.
It had seen, or maybe heard, or smelt something up the tree, and was growling ferociously even as its trainer ran to calm it down.

"Anything the mat..." I couldn't finish before an acorn plomped down, hitting Manectric straight in the face. It stated growling even more, as my new Ranger tried his best to calm him down.

"Well, here's an Aipom."

On the topmost branch of the tree, sat a small off-white monkey, grinning widely. It was apparently having a lot of fun up there, throwing down acorns.

"I've been wanting one of these for quite a while," I said, a smile spreading on my face. "Time to spread your wings, Togekiss," I said, tossing my second Pokeball.

As the capsule burst open, quite a large bird-like thing came out of it, spreading its strong powerful wings, and came to a halt beside me, hovering about four inches above the ground, looking straight at the Aipom.

"So you've already seen what we'll be fighting, I guess," I said. "No time to waste, Togekiss, let's begin with an Aura Sphere, but make sure you don't overdo it and knock it out."

Togekiss rose slightly above, and then closed its eyes, looking exactly as if it had dozed off dangling in mid air. But I knew it was concentrating hard, so that it could gather all its energy, and launch the attack.

After about two minutes of silence, as all the creatures present in the vicinity stood rooted the spot, Togekiss suddenly opened its eyes, and opened its mouth wide, gathering a huge ball of orange-coloured stuff just in front of her mouth. As the orb grew bigger and bigger, Togekiss flapped its wings, and sent it straight towards the Aipom.

OOC: Can someone remove that Hiatus in the title? Thanks.

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