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"DRA!" Dragonite roared as it body glowed in unusual bright colors, like the ones Abra was glowing in now, though it was looking somewhat more relaxed than Dragonite. I could tell that it was the move Psychic at work, probably the most powerful Psychic move around.

"Hang on there, Dragonite!" I shouted, eager to pull it out of its pain and for it to regain its concentration. I had always known Dragonite to be a brave natured Pokemon, undeterred despite the amount of pain and damage it was receiving. Though it did not mean that it was unbeatable. It was still flesh and blood.

With that, I thought hard for my next move. Something to stop that attack and something to cause pain to Abra while not allowing it a chance to teleport away. This move had to be a crucial one and one such that it will tire it so bad, it would be easier to catch. My heart thumped, mind clogged with ideas as moves available to Dragonite ran through my brain one after another.

Then alas, an idea struck again. Grinning, while praying it could work, I shouted the command, "Snap out of it and use Slam!"

"DRAAA!" came the roar of reply almost instantly. Dragonite was eager to shake off the pain it was feeling and had been waiting for a command for a time it thought was as long as eternity. Opening its eyes to stare down hard at its foe, tail still holding and wrapping hard the Abra, Dragonite raised both his paws and tried to grab Abra by the head.

Recalling the last command to use the move 'Slam', Dragonite thought of a whole series of actions. It would first shake its head real hard before throwing it down hard onto the ground and slamming the Abra with its own body. Like its owner, a grin appeared on Dragonite's face as it proceeded with the scenario it had on its head...

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