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Default Re: Sec's Judging Journal

Normal Rank RSE Cool Contest
Bumblebee16 vs Ragnajacob vs RocketMeowth vs NaliaC
Electrode vs Electrode vs Aerodactyl vs Golem

RM won her second contest ever! Simple stuff. Golem exploded again. Combos, Crowd Goes Wild. You know the drill! Aerodactyl used Fang combos and ended up with a massive score!

Final Results:
1st- Aerodactyl @ 660pts
2nd- Electrode R @ 580pts
3rd- Electrode B @ 410pts
4th- Golem @ 160pts

RocketMeowth wins, gets $2000, 1.5k Berry, and Cool Ribbon
Ragnajacob gets $1500 and 1k Berry
Bumblebee16 gets $1500 and 1k Berry
NaliaC gets $1000 and .5k Berry

I get $2000 for judging
Total Wages Earned: $18000

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